Friday, 18 September 2015

Alex Hutchings: Halilit- Roland Experience 2015 details for October 2015 shows

Aviv - Jaffa. When? 26-27 October 2015 Login Free registration ONLY! Click here registration form http: // ... a bit on the Roland Experience show three international artists will appear on stage and demonstrate how they use the instruments, effects and related equipment performance and studio. Before the start of the show, followed by Sample guitars, effects, drums and keyboards will be illustrated by the musicians of Roland. Drums digital, guitars, amplifiers, effects, pianos and organs all be available to the participants play to enjoy and experience.

Roland Experience 2015 - Alex Hutchings מגיע!!

Roland Experience Israel 2012 - אירוע חלילית רולנד אקפריינס

Milan Polak: Vivaldi Metal Project - WINTER 1st movement (Allegro) awesome picking technique

practicing a very challenging part for the Vivaldi Metal Project - WINTER 1st movement (Allegro)

Music Man Silhouette with DiMarzio The Breed & True Velvet pickups, Blackstar HT-Metal into Cubase Pro 8

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Vivaldi Metal Project - WINTER 1st movement (Allegro)

Bugra Sisman: JTC Jam of The Month September

Improvising over JTC's September backing. Hope you enjoy.
Suhr Modern Satin
Axe Fx 2
RME Fireface
Zoom H1
Canon Eos 650D
Final Cut Pro x

JTC Jam of The Month September - Bugra Sisman

Yiannis Papadopoulos: L & L Series - September 2015: Pleiona Arpeggios

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Hello guys!!
Here’s the first L & L Series episode for 2015.Thank you for all your messages, I promise to post these more often:-)

In this video I play a PRS SE Custom 24 model-with Dragon II pickups, Ernie Ball strings, DV Mark Multiamp, Spectraflex cables and Intune guitar picks.

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╪L & L Series - September 2015: Pleiona Arpeggios╪

take4886: Lupin III from 1978 - ell of mechanical training phrase

"Lupin from the" hell of Mechanical training phrase "the most new book Kobayashi Shinichi's Author I tried playing the King of the theme ".
And we look forward to, but I familiar songs that have been listening to my childhood was difficult have been cool arrangement ♪ that worked et al.

Lupin III theme '78 / hell of mechanical training phrase

Nikolay Karageorgiev: Fender 1987 and 1991 - Rosewood vs Maple - 2

2 Fender American Standard Stratocasters
The White one -- 1987
The Red one - 1991
Both have Elixir 010 strings

Rosewood vs Maple - 2

Sean Clancy: Improvised Solo from live gig follow on from 9 and 1.2 million videos

Me doing a solo at some music festival ... I had just turned 19 and had been playing for 3 and a half years. I was practicing 13 hours a day and living of a diet of Yngwie, John Norum, Micheal Angelo Batio and porridge. This is before the internet and guitar player mag still had the vinyl records in them!

Sean Clancy Improvised Solo

this one got 1.2 million views

Impossible Guitar Solo

The earlier one has 9 million views

Impossible Guitar Solo

Richie Kotzen: Guitar method THE WINERY DOGS

Richie Kotzen: Guitar method THE WINERY DOGS from Young Guitar Japan

Richie Kotzen Guitar method THE WINERY DOGS

Justin Tolan: Monochrome Phone Home awesome tapped section from Monochrome Sweatsuit EP

This is the tapped guitar part for Monochrome Phone Home from the Monochrome Sweatsuit EP

Monochrome Phone Home

Ryu Seino: New song that might do - ripping play through

Toward 2015/10/24 live live details http: // ...

New song that might do was try to play rough with 20,150,917

Yeahh Jung: red baron my style solo - klein guitar gk4t - pretty awesome my fusion friends

red baron my style solo

klein guitar gk4t

기타 심성보 red baron

Eric Sempe: New album Eric Sempe & Synopsis - Rebirth

Eric Sempe (Guitar); Felix Sabal-Lecco (Drums, Voice); Dominique Di Piazza (Bass); Neil Gerstenberg (Sax, Ewi); Claude Tedesco (Keyboards); Gerard Kurdjian (tabla, Percussion, Voice)

After more than two decades and four albums, including their latest, Home, featuring saxophone giant David Sanborn, Synopsis has become Eric Sempe & Synopsis.

With some great musicians, as Eric Sempe (John McLaughlin, Liz McComb, Didier Lockwood), Dominique Di Piazza (John McLaughlin, Gil Evans, Birelli Lagrene) and Felix Sabal-Lecco (Peter Gabriel, John Scofield), this ensemble, ever open to modern-day influences, blends jazz-inspired tones and improvisation with the moods of Afro-Indian world music, the electric energy of jazz-rock, and ethnic flavors, all painting a rich, colorful musical landscape exuding a warm and potent group energy.

It is a genuinely jubilant journey, dense and sensual, with sophistication to satisfy enlightened music lovers and an approachable candor the broader public will relish. The infectious warmth with which the artists power this beautiful machine, a warmth which will thaw even the most circumspect listeners, makes the group one of most promising ensembles on the European jazz fusion scene.

Eric SEMPE - Guitars - Programming
After a multifaceted career that took him from jazz to rock by way of Indian music and other traditional world music, Eric, along with his fellow travelers, brings you along on this musical journey to the heart of Synopsis, the favorite of his many musical groups and one he formed himself in 1988. A professional SACEM arranger, he also holds a first-class award from France's Nice Conservatory and national Jazz Professor certification. He has played alongside John McLauglin, David Sanborn, Didier Lockwood, Caroline Casadesus, Chris DeBurgh, Liz McComb, Louis Winsberg, and many other renowned artists.

Dominique DI PIAZZA - Bass
He's one of the world's most respected bassists, both in the business and out. Since the early 80s, alongside Michel Perez, he's played with such brilliant musicians as Didier Lockwood, Gil Evans, Gordon Beck, Jean-Pierre Como, Andre Ceccarelli, Bireli Lagrene, Denis Chambers, Zakir Hussain, U.Srinivas, and Trilok Gurtu. Dominique has also been traveling companion and creative collaborator with John McLaughlin. In 1991, he joined the John McLaughlin Trio for a world tour and the celebrated disc, Que Alegria; more recently (2008), he joined John in The 4th Dimension with Gary Husband and Mark Mondesir. His myriad recordings include the album Front Page with Bireli Lagrene and Denis Chambers (2001), which won the French Victoires de la Musique Jazz Album of the Year, the country's equivalent of a Grammy.

Felix SABAL LECCO – Drums
Felix, hailing from Cameroun, is one of the most eminent artists in the world of percussion. He's been blessed with extraordinary beat sense and is an incomparable showman, his African roots giving him an original rhythmic approach that renders his jazz drumming all the richer. As one of the most sought-after drummers in both the jazz and pop worlds, he has shared stage and studio with such prestigious artists as Sting, Youssou N'Dour, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, John Scofield, Sade, Salif Keita, and Manu Dibango.

Claude TEDESCO - Keyboards
He's a pianist, but also a violinist and singer. Claude holds a first-class award from France's Nice Conservatory and is an inventive, multifaceted musician who masters salsa as well as he does jazz and tango. He can be seen (and heard) sharing performances with David Sanborn, Jean-Marc Jafet, Jean-Paul Cecarrelli, Chris DeBurgh, and other luminaries.

Neil GERSTENBERG - Ewi, Flutes
Scotsman Neil lives in France, but met John Purcell in New York in 1997 (World Sax Quartet, Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition), the sax "guru" of David Murray, Michael Brecker, and David Sanborn, Purcell opened new musical horizons for the young saxophonist, and his many musical encounters and experiences since include membership in the quintet of bassist Jean-Marc Jafet, with whom he recorded the album Douceur Lunaire.

Gerard KURDJIAN - Gatam, percussion, tablas, vocals
Gerard has specialized in the study of oriental percussion, with particular emphasis on tablas and the Indian gatam. His world is one in which percussion weaves a sonic universe with skins, bells of all sizes, drums, bird calls, and voice, all part of a musical impressionism adding bewitching color and mood to the Synopsis repertoire. He is the creator behind musical productions such as Toulik and the Magic Drum and Caravanes de Lunes (Moon Caravans), where the music and mystics of the Christian, Muslim, and Hindu worlds meet. He is also the creative force and narrator of L'Oiseau de Feu: Musique Persane et Poemes Soufis (The Fire Bird: Persian Music and Sufi Poems) with santur player Hassan Tabar and percussionist Bijan Chemirani. 

Track 1 Essas (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 2 Long Distance (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 3 Bubbles (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 4 40 Degrees (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 5 Pourquoi Pas (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 6 Mienko (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 7 Namaste Merhe Dost
Track 8 Yaman Khalian Blues
Track 9 M'indim

Derick Humphrey, Jerry Rosenkrans: Ingenuity by The Engineered - new single

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Michael Girard
Artwork and video done by Joey Harrell


Taylor Spinks:-Vocals
Jake Simms-Vocals
Derick Humphrey-Guitar
Jerry Rosenkrans-Guitar
Kameron Mitchell-Bass
Jibri Cabell-Drums

Ingenuity by The Engineered

Trae Titus, Evan Webster: Pangaea - Old Soul (Official Guitar Playthrough)

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Vocals: Michael Dionne
Guitar: Trae Titus
Guitar: Evan Webster
Bass: Spencer Fox
Drums: Steve Meyer

Pre Order:
Download link:
Location: Wisconsin, US
Genre: Progressive Metal
Pangaea - Old Soul (Official Guitar Playthrough)

Luke Snider, Brett Co, Brandon Kirwin: The Parallel - Equinox

2014 Single "Equinox" by The Parallel.
Debut EP via Subliminal Groove Records coming soon!

Matt Johnston | Vocals
Luke Snider | Guitar
Brett Cox | Guitar/Vocals
Brandon Kirwin | Guitar
Cam Snooks | Bass/Vocals
Blake Snider | Drums

Pendulum (feat. Eric Almeida of AURAS)

Download this track for free on bandcamp!




Video by Sean Curry
Filmed in Toronto, Canada
The Parallel - Equinox [Guitar Playthrough]

Ed Garcia, André Casagrande: Vitalism - Bipolarity from Causa EP Subliminal Groove Records!

"Causa" EP is out now on Subliminal Groove Records!
Physical copies available at

Ed Garcia - Guitars *
André Casagrande - Guitars *
Marcelo Braga - Bass *
Ali Ahmed - Drums

Endorsement - Ernie Ball Music Man and DiMarzio
Vitalism fanpage:
Vitalism bandcamp:
Filmed & Edited by Samyr Novelli
Recorded and produced at Aeon Audio
Support by Vortex Division:
Artwork by Carlos Fides


Causa by Vitalism
1. Luxata 03:51
2. Bipolarity 05:02
3. Pagan 04:28
4. Clairvoyance 03:40
released 23 June 2015

Stephen Richards, Sam Pattison, James Krul: Mandroid Echostar - The Kingdom and The Crown - Ancient Arrows - Guitar Playthrough

Stephen Richards-Guitar
Sam Pattison-Guitar
Michael Ciccia-Vocals
James Krul-Guitar/Vocals
Matt H-K-Drums
Adam Richards-Bass

Tabs available at:

Video Created By Ben Dundas Cinematography

"Mandroid Echostar - The Kingdom and The Crown" Guitar Playthrough

Mandroid Echostar - "Ancient Arrows" Guitar Playthrough

Citadels by Mandroid Echostar

1. A Death Marked Dream 01:50
2. Ancient Arrows 04:51
3. Haunted Vows 04:08
4. To the Wolves 04:01
5. The Sleeper 04:08
6. Ethereal Dawn 03:56
7. Citadels 06:18

Mandroid Echostar EP Instrumental
by Mandroid Echostar

1.Kingdom and the Crown (Instrumental)04:58
2. Lost Luminaries (Instrumental) 04:30
3. The Precursor (Instrumental) 04:43
4. Hexaton (Instrumental) 05:27

Matt Powell: War – great metal tune - I feel a star rising
Hi, here is a guitar play through video of a new metal track I have written. Audio production by the amazing Andy Gillion. Hope you like it, any feedback welcome and please feel free to share or subscribe :)
Guitar : Schecter C-7 with EMG 707 bridge pup
Amp : Fractal audio Axe FxII
Steven Slate drum software
Scarbee bass software
Cubase 7.5

War – an original metal song by Matt Powell

Yngwie Malmsteen: Yngwie At Home 1993

Video series filmed with Yngwie at home back in 1993

Yngwie Malmsteen: Yngwie At Home 1993

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot's Guitar Gods Lesson: Yngwie Malmsteen

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal demonstrates how to play guitar like Swedish legend Yngwie Malmsteen.
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Bumblefoot's Guitar Gods Lesson: Yngwie Malmsteen