Sunday, 27 September 2015

Eloy Oliveira: Simplemente un Sueño - Just a Dream

This is an Original composition This Year That I wrote.
Hope you like it!

Simplemente un Sueño - Just a Dream - Eloy Oliveira (Original Song)

Kenny Serane: Summer Ballads -

*NEW* Kenny Serane's Summer Ballads |

Download Link:

JTC Guitar Solo Contest '15 winner, Kenny Serane, debuts his first original JTC package and it's outstanding! Packed with super-catchy feel good summer vibes, this melodic jamtrack pack will make you want to grab for the nearest guitar and get jamming!

Kenny has a real knack for creating unique, organic and inspirational guitar lines that will have you humming and singing for days! The feel good summer vibe to these ballad tracks presents you with the perfect opportunity to cut loose and have some fun with your solos.

When you sit down and start learning these tracks it's very hard to put them down again! They are simple enough for beginner and intermediate players to pick up and play with ease, but melodically, harmonically and rhythmically varied enough to keep even the more advanced players hooked and inspired too. Kenny has created the perfect balance of calm, sweet melodies and faster more exciting phrases so there really is something for everyone in this pack!

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master as well as backing tracks for you to practise every lick to, and jam out your own solos! We've even included some text notes to help you really get these parts down!

*NEW* Kenny Serane's Summer Ballads |

Joe Bonamassa: Bona Jam Tracks - "Happier Times" Official Guitar Backing Track in C Minor

Jam along with Joe Bonamassa on his song “Happier Times” from the LP The Ballad of John Henry. This is the latest episode in Joe’s series “Bona Jam Tracks” in which Joe gives a personal lesson on how to play one of his songs. After providing “Happier Times’s” melancholy background story, Joe demonstrates how to solo along to the track in the key of C Minor, not the saddest of all possible keys, but still pretty sad! Afterwards, play along with the backing track as it walks you through the chord changes and allows you to solo along with it, just like Joe would!


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Bona Jam Tracks - "Happier Times" Official Joe Bonamassa Guitar Backing Track in C Minor

Frank Gambale: WIN a Kiesel/Carvin FG1 Guitar + more!

Frank Gambale New Interview + Blues Guitar Mini-lesson Part 2

In this new video interview Frank talks about the blues and his brand new Frank Gambale Online Guitar School!

A few words from Frank:

I’m very pleased to say the Frank Gambale Online Guitar School launch is underway.
Please head over to http://www.frankgambaleonlineguitarsc... now to sign up for the Early-Bird registration AND get a FREE three-part video series from me.
Three years in the making and so happy to be able to share my knowledge and experience and to help guitarists everywhere in the world reach their full potential.

Frank Gambale - WIN a Kiesel/Carvin FG1 Guitar and DV Mark Multiamp FG

Frank Gambale New Interview + Blues Guitar Mini-lesson Part 1

Frank Gambale New Interview + Blues Guitar Mini-lesson Part 2

Andy Wood: Chelmsford - headlining gig for the Southeastern Guitar and Amp Show 2011

As part of the headlining gig for the Southeastern Guitar & Amp Show 2011, Andy Wood opened for the Aristocrats (Guthrie Govan) and performed Chelmsford, from his first solo album. The band for this song was Lindsey Tims on bass, Andy Campbell on drums and Paul Warren on rhythm guitar.

To purchase Andy's music, you can get it at iTunes at this link:

You can also visit Andy's site at
Andy Wood Chelmsford

Morten Faerestrand: Uptempo Major To Minor - DynamicBackingTracks Demo

Morten Faerestrand

Uptempo Major To Minor - DynamicBackingTracks Demo

Steve Morse, Neal Morse: Flying Colors - Mask Machine - Live at the Z7 - 4K option!

The new 4K video from "Second Flight: Live at the Z7"! Pre-order your copy (2CD+DVD, 2CD+Blu-ray or 3LP+MP3 w/bonus track); the first 1,000 orders get a signed insert! []

Second Flight: Live At The Z7” will be released worldwide on November 13, 2015.

"Second Flight: Live At The Z7”, from the virtuoso prog/pop/rock band Flying Colors, showcases a new level of musical prowess from the group, captures the candid energy of a new band, and lets fans experience them in innovative ways. It reflects the many hues and colors of the band members’ (Steve Morse, Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Dave LaRue & Casey McPherson) individual— and collective—unique creative expression. It’s Flying Colors at their very best, and a new milestone in the band’s soaring adventure.

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Flying Colors - Mask Machine (Live at the Z7) 4K