Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Thomas Lang: "Cricket Chorus" - Meinl Drum Fest 2015

VF Artist Signature Artist Thomas Lang performs "Cricket Chorus" by Spark 7 during the 2015 Meinl Drum Festival!

Thanks to our good friends at Meinl for the footage!
#vfSTL - Thomas Lang Signature
Thomas Lang: "Cricket Chorus" - Meinl Drum Fest 2015

Francesco Artusato: Devil You Know - The Way We Die

DEVIL YOU KNOW official music video (Directed by Corey Soria) for the song "The Way We Die" from the second studio album, They Bleed Red, out November 6, 2015 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Order at http://nblast.de/DYKTheyBleedRedNB.
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Howard Jones - Vocals (Ex-Killswitch Engage, Blood Has Been Shed)
Francesco Artusato - Guitar (All Shall Perish, The Francesco Artusato Project)
John Sankey - Drums (Devolved, Fear Factory, Divine Heresy)
Ryan Wombacher - Bass (Bleeding Through)

Nuclear Blast: http://nblast.de/DYKTheyBleedRedNB
Amazon: http://nblast.de/DYKTheyBleedRedAMZ
Amazon Digital: http://nblast.de/DYKTheyBleedRedAMZMP3
iTunes: http://nblast.de/DYKTheyBleedRediTunes
Google Play: http://nblast.de/DYKTheyBleedRedGP

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Widek: Deep & Shallow - Hidden Dimensions - announces new EP


Hi guys! Surprise !!! New song "Deep & Shallow" from the upcoming new EP "Hidden Dimensions". How do you like it

Coming January 29 2016

Widek - Deep & Shallow (Hidden Dimensions EP)

Cameron Allen: Jamming with a drum groove

Cameron Allen against a green screen? Anyway, hybrid jamming with a drum groove

Cameron Allen - Jamming with a drum groove

Rick Graham: A snappy sounding picking pattern

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11) Rick's Instagraham Licks - A snappy sounding picking pattern

Rob Chapman: Dorje - Catalyst UK tour dates

World exclusive stream of Catalyst - our first single off our new EP released November 6th 2015. We are also very excited to announce our UK headline tour in November & December.

Tickets go on sale Tuesday 22nd September and are available at the links below.

VIP band clinic tickets for each show are available here: http://myticket.co.uk/artists/dorje


21/11 - Joiners, Southampton - http://www.seetickets.com/event/dorje...

22/11 - The Globe, Cardiff - http://globe.gigantic.com/dorje-the-g...

23/11 - The Underground, Plymouth - http://www.seetickets.com/event/dorje...

25/11 - Key Club, Leeds - http://www.seetickets.com/event/dorje...

26/11 - The Cluny, Newcastle - http://www.seetickets.com/event/dorje...

28/11 - Audio, Glasgow - http://www.seetickets.com/event/dorje...

29/11 - The Tunnels, Aberdeen - http://www.seetickets.com/event/dorje...

30/11 - Opium, Edingburgh - http://www.seetickets.com/event/dorje...

2/12 - O2 Academy, Liverpool - http://myticket.co.uk/artists/dorje

3/12 - The Exchange, Bristol - http://www.seetickets.com/event/dorje...

4/12 - Tunbridge Wells Forum, Tunbridge Wells - http://www.twforum.co.uk/

6/12 - The Cricketers, Kingston - http://www.seetickets.com/event/dorje...

7/12 - The Courtyard, Birmingham - http://www.seetickets.com/event/dorje...

9/12 - Boston Music Rooms, London - http://myticket.co.uk/artists/dorje

10/12 - The Facebar, Reading - http://www.seetickets.com/event/dorje...

11/12 - Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes - http://www.thecraufurdarms.com/listings/

Sam Bell: Maniac - Flashdance - Epic Instrumental Cover

An Instrumental/Epic/Metal Cover of Michael Sembello's incredible 'She's a Maniac' from the Flashdance Movie.

Download Guitar Lessons at:

Maniac - Flashdance - Epic Instrumental Cover by Sam Bell Guitar

Dhalif Ali: picking hand camera - JTC Jam Of The Month October

Heres a different perspective to my guitar playing, so many have asked about my right hand/technique. so this video focuses on just my right hand. hope you guys enjoy it

JTC Jam Of The Month October - Dhalif Ali

Rebecca Scammon: .strandberg* Boden 8 - demoing the ergonomic design brutal glory

My Strandberg Boden 8 in all of its ergonomically designed brutal glory, loaded with its EMG 57/66's. www.strandbergguitars.com

Strandberg Boden 8 Demo

Samuli Federley: Silhouette of Death (riffs)

This is the heaviest song from my solo album, Quest For Remedy. Check it out at http://www.samulifederley.com

Samuli Federley - Silhouette of Death (riffs)

Greg Koch: Outtakes Vol. 1 and teaser for 2

. . . It's not always perfect.

Greg Koch Outtakes Vol. 2 Teaser

Greg Koch Outtakes Vol. 1 • Wildwood Guitars

Rob Garland: My Journey To Hell! Hell Guitars Super Blacks Picks Plectrum Review

Review of Hell Guitars Super Blacks Guitar Picks (Plectrums) http://www.hellguitars.com
http://www.robgarland.net Ask Michael a question: contact@hellguitars.com
More live band clips at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjeGR...

Rob Garland is a Mesa Boogie/D'Addario Strings/Hell Guitars Artist and a guitar instructor for TrueFire.

Best Guitar Pick - Rob Garland My Journey To Hell! Hell Guitars Super Blacks Picks Plectrum Review

Lyle Watt: Low Winter Sun - great live performance of title track from the EP

"Low Winter Sun", from the EP of the same name. Available at lylewatt.bandcamp.com

Adam Reilly on bass, Lewis Orr on drums. Audio by Martin Oswald, Video by David Horne.

Lyle Watt: Low Winter Sun

Tom Hess: How To Develop Your Live Guitar Playing Skills

How To Develop Your Live Guitar Playing Skills
By Tom Hess

Do you feel afraid of making mistakes and nervous when playing guitar live? Playing better live and overcoming nervousness can be practiced, but in order for you to develop these skills, you must practice in the same way the pros do. Here is a step by step approach for how to do this:

Stop Setting Yourself Up To Fail

When you practice guitar for a live performance you can’t have the same expectations that you normally do when practicing guitar. You may think that the goal is to never make a mistake. This mindset will cripple you, because mistakes are unavoidable when performing. Thus, you will constantly feel like a failure if you expect to be perfect all the time. Get a better understanding of this by reading this article about how to get over stage fright. Even though your audience most likely can’t tell when you make a mistake, you shouldn’t use that as a justification for sloppy guitar playing. Before I tell you specifically HOW to practice to improve your live playing, there are 3 main goals you must remember:

Live Playing Goal #1. Improve All Of Your Guitar Playing

Your live playing guitar skills will increase so much faster if you are working hard on increasing all of your guitar playing skills (start studying with a proven guitar teacher to help you do this even faster). This may seem obvious at first, but there are 3 reasons why this relates specifically to your LIVE playing that you must understand:
  1. If you improve your overall guitar playing, you will immediately see an improvement in your live guitar technique. Get this free eBook and learn how to easily double your guitar speed.

  2. Becoming a better overall guitarist will make you much more aware of the gap in your skill levels that I discussed earlier. This will make you want to practice your live playing even more (more on this below).

  3. While your live playing skill level will never surpass your ideal skill level, you still need to give yourself something to work towards. Set this higher standard for yourself by improving your maximum abilities through practicing guitar in an optimum environment.
So how do you actually practice guitar for live playing? There are 3 main steps.

Live Playing Goal #2. Dont Try To Be PerfectTry To Be Consistent

Performing is difficult for lots of guitarists because their live playing can be so unreliable. You need to try to eliminate this kind of inconsistent guitar playing. A guitar player who can play at 86% accuracy every night will make a much better live performer than one who is unreliable (one night they’re great, the next they’re terrible). Performing at a consistent level is the first thing you need to work towards.

Live Playing Goal #3. Close The Gap Between Your Guitar Playing Skill Levels

When practicing for live playing, you have 2 different skill levels that you have to think about: Your ideal skill level (measured by how well you play guitar in ideal conditions) and your live playing skill level (measure by how well you play guitar when performing). Your objective is to close the gap between these 2 levels. Note: This does not mean never making a mistake when performing. Instead, try to get your live playing skill level as close as possible to your ideal skill level while still realizing that they will never be equal (your live playing skill will always be at least a little behind your ideal skill level). The image below is a great way to see what I’m saying here:

Action Step 1: Turn Your Guitar Playing Mistakes Into Practice Exercises

Figure out which parts of the songs you are practicing get sloppy when you are simulating live playing using the above ideas. This is where your mistakes are most likely to occur. Write all of these problems down on paper. You now have a list of specific things to practice that will directly improve your live playing.

Action Step 2: Simulate Live Playing

You have to approach your guitar practice differently whenever you are learning new things on guitar. You can do this by taking the music that you are planning to perform and simulating a live performance by:
  1. Practicing guitar through different amp settings that you aren’t used to
  2. Practicing guitar while standing up and moving around
  3. Practicing guitar through unfamiliar equipment
  4. Practicing guitar with different guitar picks
  5. Practicing guitar in front of several bright lights or in complete darkness
  6. Practicing guitar with many different distractions going on around you
  7. Practicing guitar when you fingers are hot or cold
  8. Etc.
Action Step 3: Train For Greatness

Take your list and combine each one with a different element of live playing performance stress. Practice these again and again in these contexts until they are easy. Do this with every problem on your list and you will see huge improvements in your live playing.
Luckily, this process isn’t physically challenging in any way. After going through it, you will understand how simple it actually is. This builds you confidence, thus helping your live playing skill level increase in yet another way! NOTE: It’s easier to utilize this guitar practice approach when you implement highly effective guitar practice.

Doing the things I’ve talked about in this article will make you a more confident performer who is a LOT more comfortable on stage. You will no longer be afraid of failing when performing and you will start playing guitar live at the level you have always wanted. All of these will result in you becoming a great live performer and musician.

About The Author: Tom Hess is an expert guitar teacher, composer and guitar teacher instructor. He teaches guitar players in his rock guitar lessons online. Go to tomhess.net to get more guitar playing resources and read more articles about guitar playing.