Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Min: skills to the Max - Uppsala-Strandberg Guitar Competition 2015

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Original composition by Min (Uppsala-Strandberg Guitar Competition 2015)

Frank Gambale, Alain Caron, Damien Schmitt: V Band live Frankfurt Musikmesse 2008

Frank Gambale, Alain Caron, Damien Schmitt playing live with the V Band at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, video says 2008. This is posted raw with no audio editing.

If you like video this way... let me know and I will post more.

Frank Gambale, Alain Caron, Damien Schmitt: V Band live Frankfurt Musikmesse

Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Richard Hallebeek, Marc Guillermont: Not This Time - not this time featuring a host of fusion stars

Not This Time
by Sebastiaan Cornelissen

1.Club Fusion 02:52

2.Potnoodled 03:22

3.Locomote Home 03:40

4.Comunicorn 01:37

5.Canvas 03:47

6.Life After 5 04:08

7.Not This Time 03:01

8.Lewis 04:35

9.The Undercurrent 03:04

10.Young Bros 03:57

11.Jip Jap 03:46

12.Snippets 03:11

Official release set for October 1st 2015!!!

'Not This Time'

01. Club Fusion
02. Potnoodled
03. Canvas
04. Locomote Home
05. Comunicorn
06. Life After 5
07. Not This Time
08. Lewis
09. The Undercurrent
10. Young Brothers
11. Jip Jap
12. Snippets

Randy Brecker - flugelhorn (11)
Martin Gort - percussion (4,11)
Marc Guillermont - guitar solo (3)
Richard Hallebeek - guitar (1,4,7,12)
Nigel Hitchcock - sax (8)
Jan Kooper - bassclarinet (9)
Evan Marien - bass (2,8,10,6,11)
Catalin Milea - woodwinds (12)
Coen Molenaar - keys (7,12)
Oscar Schulze - vibes/percussion (9)
Rob van Bavel - grand piano (6)
Frans Vollink - bass (1,4,5,7,12)
Itai Weissman - ewi (6)
released October 1, 2015

Written, produced, recorded & mixed by Sebastiaan Cornelissen @ studio 27333

Steve Hackett: Live At AB Brussel 04-10-2015

Steve Hackett - The Cinema Show & Aisle Of Plenty & The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway and more live At AB Brussel 04-10-2015

Steve Hackett: Live At AB Brussel 04-10-2015

Kirk Fletcher: plays Elmore James - now this is what I call the blues!

Kirk Fletcher: plays Elmore James - now this is what I call the blues! - Live @ Borderline London 27/9/15

Kirk Fletcher plays Elmore James

Jason Spell: Guitar Competitions and You - thought provoking post

Guitar Competitions and You.

This blog is going to be my take on the whole “culture” that surrounds guitar competitions, but before I get into all that, I want to congratulate Kee Poh Hock for his win in the recent.strandberg* competition, as well as Shane Keaney and Marc Lambert, the runners-up. Great job!

The three players highlighted are all great examples of stellar musicianship and creativity, and the great thing is that these musicians will now have more recognition for their efforts. This is a great thing.

And for background, before the article progresses, I’d like to point out quickly that I run the largest Facebook group dedicated specifically to Guitar Competitions. (Do try to follow the one rule, please.)

These things said, I’ve been involved in quite a few of these guitar competitions now, so I have some definite opinions of how they are run, and what I think their impact is on the guitar community.

André Nieri, Virgil Donati: Live in Caxias Do Sul, Brazil

Highlights from Caxias Do Sul, featuring my Brazilian trio - André Nieri on guitar, and Braguinha on Bass.

Live in Caxias Do Sul, Brazil

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Joe Bonamassa: Interview Guitar Interactive part 2

Check out this fantastic interview with Joe Bonamassa (Part 2) from the last edition of guitar interactive magazine.

In the current issue, GI 36 - we give a special welcome back to one of the world’s most influential guitarists - Joe Satriani! Joe is, as they say, a hard act to follow but we’re going to give it a try as in
addition to an interview with the great man, we also have a Tom Quayle Tech Session, showing you some of the tricks and techniques that help make Joe the phenomenon he is.

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Richie Kotzen, Billy Sheehan, Mike Portnoy: Winery Dogs - Oblivion

Get well soon Michelle!


The HOT STREAK will continue this fall for THE WINERY DOGS (Richie Kotzen- lead vocals/guitar,
Mike Portnoy -drums, Billy Sheehan-bass). Their second appropriately titled, self-produced studio album, HOT STREAK, is set for release October 2nd on earMUSIC in collaboration with Loud & Proud Records.

“I feel we’ve taken the band to another level,” explains Richie Kotzen. “The compositions are stronger on this album. I feel more connected lyrically and musically to what I did on this record than on the last one. We’ve widened the musical scope of the band on this record and moved it forward."

Mike Portnoy continues, “Everything on this album was more of a collaboration than on the first album. There’s just a natural chemistry. The three of us really mesh very, very well, both musically and personally. The mission of this band is to write catchy songs, and not have the musicianship overpower that.”

“I’m glad we’re not playing it safe and just doing songs that automatically fit in the category of what we did on the first record,” Billy Sheehan concludes. “Some of them are a little different, and we definitely took chances. And you have to do that — otherwise, you don’t grow."

The trio first exploded onto the Rock scene with their self-titled, self-produced and critically acclaimed debut album that was released July 23, 2013 and a sold-out worldwide tour. THE WINERY DOGS debuted on Billboard’s “Top Alternative Albums” chart at #3, “Top Independent Albums” chart at #4, “Top Rock Albums” chart at #5, “Top Internet Albums” at #8 and “Top 200 Albums” chart at #27.

THE WINERY DOGS "Oblivion" (Official Video)

Mattias IA Eklundh: Caparison Guitars & Tunings. Part 3

Mattias IA Eklundh - gentleman, guitar legend, musical genius and guitarist/vocalist from Freak Kitchen, demonstrates and talks us through his collection of signature Caparison "Apple Horn" guitars with their various tunings.

Part 3 features the Caparison Apple Horn Fretless & Apple Horn HGS

Mattias IA Eklundh - Caparison Guitars & Tunings. Part 3

Randy Keith: Funkin Fusion - great tones over a fusion backing track

A quick Jam this evening (a bit sloppy... meh), can't remember where this track came from either

Randy Keith: Funkin Fusion - great tones over a fusion backing track