Friday, 16 October 2015

Akira Takasaki: Loudness - Street Woman - Live at The Token Lounge 2015 plus US tour dates

Veteran Japanese metallers LOUDNESS have scheduled the following 35th-anniversary U.S. dates:

Fri 10/16/15 Glendale Heights, IL Q Bar
Sat 10/17/15 Pekin, IL Hat Tricks
Sun 10/18/15 Fridley, MN Pickle Park
Tue 10/20/15 Golden, CO Buffalo Rose
Thu 10/22/15 Seattle, WA Studio Seven
Fri 10/23/15 Portland, OR Bossanova Ballroom
Sat 10/24/15 San Jose, CA Rockbar Theater
Mon 10/26/15 West Hollywood, CA Whisky A Go Go
Thu 10/29/15 Golden, CO Buffalo Rose
Fri 10/30/15 Las Vegas, NV Count's Vamp'd
Sat 10/31/15 Ramona, CA Ramona Mainstage
Wed 11/04/15 Oklahoma City, OK Thunder Alley Grill
Thu 11/05/15 Dallas, TX Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
Fri 11/06/15 San Antonio, TX The Korova
Sat 11/07/15 Houston, TX Eastdown Warehouse

Loudness - Street Woman - Live at The Token Lounge 2015

Joe Bonamassa: Bona-Scope-Rewind Osnabrück Germany and Sloe Gin at Red Rocks!

Joe Bonamassa Live from Osnabrück Germany! In this new episode Joe chats with the fans about his backstage routine before the show. He also talks about his respect and admiration for musician Danny Gatton, Master of the Telecaster, and reveals which are his favorite Danny Gatton albums (Redneck Jazz is one of them). Joe also talks about guitars and gear including the John Jorgenson Fender he’s playing with in the video. Finally, Joe talks about when he has doubts and gives a warm thank you to his fans for making his latest album Live at Radio City Music Hall a Billboard #1 blues album!


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Bona-Scope-Rewind - Joe live from Osnabrück Germany!

Joe Bonamassa - "Sloe Gin" - Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks

Tom Quayle: Wampler Tumnus Pedal Demo

Hi guys - here's my demo of this amazing little pedal. 100% playing here - no chat. Hope you enjoy it. Here's what Wampler say about the Tumnus from

There is one overdrive circuit to this day has been the most talked about, the most sought after, and the most mythical of them all. It’s big, it’s expensive, and it has certainly earned its place at the table. Wampler has painstakingly and faithfully reproduced that magical tone in all its glory in an unbelievably small package, and his name is Tumnus.

Tumnus is a versatile addition to any setup, any style. Stack it with another pedal to help push or shape the total amount of gain, use it as a stand alone overdrive, or use it as a slightly dirty boost to push the front end of your amp over the edge. You can even use it as a buffer, because just like the original this pedal is not true bypass. Instead, faithful to the original, this pedal contains a buffered bypass tone legendary in its own right.

Three knobs and the truth: The Tumnus’ streamlined 3 control knobs (Volume, Gain, and Tone) allow you to quickly dial in your tones no matter what the gig calls for. We aren’t going to sit here and claim it has magical parts, or we sourced out 60 year old diodes that make it perfect, but we are going to say that during our research we looked at everything available and then only used the parts that Brian chose to replicate that amazing tone.

Let’s face it, not everyone has room for a four-legged beast on their board. This slender biped slips in and out of a myriad of tight situations. Now you can have the tone. Now you can have history. Now you can have it all without having to send some pedals back to the bullpen. The Wampler Tumnus, standing up for that amazing tone, but without the outrageous claims often associated with it.

Wampler Tumnus Pedal Demo - Tom Quayle

Matias Kupiainen, Jens Johansson: Stratovarius Trondheim Metalfest 2015 @ Scandic Hotel Lerkendal 2015

From the concert under Trondheim Metalfest 2015 @ Scandic Hotel Lerkendal
This is a new song from Stratovarius latest release Eternal

Stratovarius - The lost saga Live in Trondheim 3'th of october 2015

Stratovarius - Against the wind Live in Trondheim 03.10.15

Jason Sadites: E Mixolydian lick Amps & Axes Quick Lick #40

This week Jason plays a fun and quick E Mixolydian lick that can be used over a Dominant 7th chord. Have fun!
Jason is now a proud endorser of Godin Guitars. Please take some time to check out Godin's amazing line of instruments at!

Please be sure to check out the websites: to catch the latest episode and Jason Sadites weekly Quick Lick.

Thanks for watching!!!

Amps & Axes Quick Lick #40 with Jason Sadites

Michael Angelo Batio: Sweep Picking 101 - Part 7 - Sweeping Arpeggios over Chord Changes

Michael Angelo Batio teaches you how to sweep pick arpeggios over chord changes. For tabs, go to:

Michael Angelo Batio - Sweep Picking 101 - Part 7 - Sweeping Arpeggios over Chord Changes

Hadrien Feraud,Anthony Crawford: Bass Workout

A day in the gym with Hadrien and Anthony.

Hadrien Feraud/Anthony Crawford - Workout

Guthrie Govan: String Bending Masterclass – Part Three

Reviewed in Guitarist issue 400

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Guthrie Govan String Bending Masterclass – Part Three

Ciro Manna: Master The Modes! -

*NEW* Ciro Manna's Master The Modes! |
Download Link:

Become a master of the modes by studying these exquisite solos by Ciro Manna! These 6 solos will fill you with fresh new ideas to incorporate into your own modal jams!

Focussing primarily on the Dorian, Mixolydian and Aeolian modes Ciro uses a combination of melodic theme building, classic Blues-Rock lines, ambitious melodic ideas and his trademark blend of creativity and style to show you EXACTLY what you can achieve over these 3 highly jammable modal backing tracks.

These tracks feature plenty of minor pentatonic and bluesy licks, targeted chord tone, creative modal ideas, chromatic passing tones and long creative arpeggios. Ciro effectively uses hammer-ons, slides, bends, vibrato, hybrid picking and the occasional tapped note to great effect, creating 6 highly inspirational modal solos for you to study, analyse and master!

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master as well as backing tracks for you to practise every lick to, and jam out your own solos! We've even included some text notes to help you really get these parts down!

Download right now, or Premium Members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!

*NEW* Ciro Manna's Master The Modes! |

Ola Englund: Washburn Solar 16 Floyd Rose - UltraHD 4K

Paff to Facebook video and sound munching... enjoy in UltraHD 4K


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Signal chain -
Washburn Solar 16 FR - Randall Satan - Randall 4x12 ISO - SM57

Links -

Washburn -
Randall - http://www.randallamplifiers.comWashburn Solar 16 Floyd Rose - UltraHD

Gerson Antezana: Laney Amp - progression riff demo

Gerson Antezana: Laney Amp - progression riff

progression (fase CUARTE riff)

Finn Zierler, Per Nilsson, Bobby Jarzombek: Zierler - ESC‬ released today - steaming juggernaut of melodic progressive metal



A New Beginning
Darkness Delight
Dark To The Bone
Evil Spirit
Married To The Cause
No Chorus
You Can’t Fix Me No More

Bobby Jarzombek (drums)
Per Nilsson (bass, guitars)
Finn Zierler (keyboards)
Truls Haugen (vocals and bass)
Kelly Sundown Carpenter (Vocals)

Bobby Jarzombek : ZIERLER - 'Aggrezzor'

ZIERLER PROJECT's PER NILSSON plays the solo from 'Aggrezzor'

Filippo De Vecchi: Kemper with PTBogXTC Blue i5 profile

Kemper with PTBogXTC Blue i5 profile
Cam is SJ4000 cumox
Audio is from Cubase

Rock Impro

Chris Broderick: Act Of Defiance + Allegaeon North American Co-Headlining Tour dates

Act Of Defiance + Allegaeon North American Co-Headlining Tour

Oct 22 Count's Vamp'd - Las Vegas, NV:
Oct 23 Club Red - Mesa, AZ:
Oct 24 Brick By Brick - San Diego, CA:
Oct 26 Psychedelic Ballroom - Reno, NV:
Oct 28 Area 51 - Salt Lake City, UT:
Oct 30 Marquis Theater - Denver, CO:
Oct 31 Aftershock - Kansas City, KS:
Nov 01 Fubar - Saint Louis, MO:
Nov 03 Vintage Villians - Danville, IL:
Nov 04 Cobra Lounge - Chicago, IL: link coming
Nov 05 Token Lounge - Westland, MI:
Nov 06 The Foundry - Lakewood, OH:
Nov 08 Flour City Station - Rochester, NY: link coming
Nov 09 Mod Club - Toronto, ON:
Nov 11 Petit Campus - Montreal, QC:
Nov 13 Saint Vitus - Brooklyn, NY:
Nov 14 Waterfront Tavern - Holyoke, MA:
Nov 15 Fete Music Hall - Providence, RI:
Nov 16 Championships - Trenton, NJ:
Nov 18 Ziggy's - Winston Salem, NC:
Nov 19 Ziggy's By The Sea - Wilmington, NC:
Nov 20 Drunk Horse - Raleigh, NC: link coming
Nov 22 Masquerade - Atlanta, GA: link coming
Nov 29 Rail Club - Fort Worth, TX: link coming
Nov 30 Dirty Dog - Austin, TX:
Dec 02 Scout Bar - Houston, TX:
Dec 04 The Rock - Tucson, AZ:
Dec 05 Glass House - Pomona, CA:

t-cophony: Office -"The 10th anniversary" performance from this highly rated acoustic tapper.

This is my old original song "Office" (2006). It was included in my album "How to get much more".
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Office - T-cophony "The 10th anniversary" demo play

Christian Münzner, Per Nilsson: announce details of Christian's new album

Per Nilsson shared Christian Münzner's post.

I've finally finished up the mix and master of Christian Münzner's new album, it turned out absolutely BADASS. Stellar performances as expected with guys like Ian Parry, Jimmy Pitts, Linus Klausenitzer and Hannes Grossmann onboard smile emoticon

Though the songs were already killer when I started mixing them, I decided that since more IS more, I wanted to add choirs to some of the choruses... BIG choirs! I called up a bunch of friends and together we recorded insane amounts of backing vocals - some of the songs have an excess of 300+ tracks of vocals!!!

Also, this album marks the first time in all recorded history of the world that I contribute with a guest synth solo! It's not as fast and sophisticated as some of my guitar work because my chubby little sausages for fingers won't operate as efficiently on the keyboard...

Anywho... now we'll all just have to sit and wait tight for Christian to get this slab of melodic sex metal released!

Christian Münzner

Anybody didn't know that already)....The dude put as much hard work and dedication into this album as he invests into his own music to make it sound the best it could possibly be. And this album will contain a very special guest solo by Mr. Nilsson himself, not on guitar this time, but on the keys, which is mega cool. It was a lot of hard work, but I'm super proud and happy with the result. This is the album I always wanted to make since more than 15 years and is, at least right now, my favorite work I've ever done.

Thanks to Ian Parry, Jimmy Pitts, Linus Klausenitzer and Hannes Grossmann for your fantastic performances on this album, and to all my Swedish friends for lending your talents for the backing vocals and choirs. I can not wait to unleash this record on the world!