Monday, 12 September 2016

Invincible Tapir: GIT MASTERS 2016 Taiwan IBM

Invincible Tapir: GIT MASTERS 2016 Taiwan IBM


Hiroki Isobe, Senri Kawaguchi, Kozo Suganuma: Into the Night - Silver Elephant - Hot JFusion

2016/4/18 to place the Into the night featuring Kozo Suganuma & is Chisato Kawaguchi ~ first CD launch live - playing in. a
g.磯部寛樹Hiroki Isobe
b.磯部直樹Naoki Isobe
key.磯部太美枝 Tamie Isobe
dr.菅沼孝三 Kozo Suganuma
dr.川口千里 Senri Kawaguchi

Into the Night feat. Kozo Suganuma & Senri Kawaguchi @ Kichijoji Silver Elephant

E etude - Into the Night feat. 菅沼孝三&川口千里 @吉祥寺シルバーエレファント

Yu Matsuo: GIT MASTERS 2016 - plutonium and half-moon

Yu Matsuo: GIT MASTERS 2016 - plutonium and half-moon

GIT MASTERS 2016 "plutonium and half-moon"

Akaao pencil.
Gt. Yu Matsuo
Ba. Tomoya Shirai
Dr. MoriKo

Akaao pencil. / Hello Goodbye

Goriku Mamoru: GIT MASTERS 2016 Repertoire

Strongest guitar audition "GIT MASTERS (legendary Http://Mi-japan.Com/gitmasters/ )"
Repertoire by Mr. ISAO a jury "@ 3910" is the MI JAPAN Osaka School GIT instructor Goriku protect teacher version of .
Commentary and the exercise of sheet music Young Guitar 2016 July Issue ( Http://Youngguitar.Jp/yg/yg-201607 have been posted on).

GIT MASTERS 2016 Repertoire "@ 3910" Goriku Mamoru version

Isao Fujita: GIT MASTERS 2016

Official site: Http://Mi-japan.Com/gitmasters/
the next generation of guitar hero & special audition to discover the heroine, GIT MASTERS 2016.
ISAO who serves as the chief judge of the current fiscal year is the demonstration video of the theme song, which was newly written. Since April the entry of the web has been carried out, by all means everyone Furutte Please challenge !!

GIT MASTERS 2016 テーマ曲「@3910」 by ISAO

Alex Szmeja: Pokemon theme goes metal

l know, that as a next cover you wanted to see full Nightwish album, but it'll take some time to learn all the songs, so l decided to upload this little cover, which was actually ready for a lot of time. Hope you like it. Cheers! ;)

Pokemon theme goes metal cover by Alex Szmeja

Sima Bustami: Loop Guitar Jam - Boss Loop Pedal

Just messing around with my Loop pedal. :)

Loop Guitar Jam ( Boss Loop Pedal)

Fujii Ryo: GIT MASTERS 2016 - Faked Shadow

GIT MASTERS 2016のエントリー動画です。


【Official Website】

【GIT MASTERS 2016】Faked Shadow

Hikaru Tashiro: GIT MASTERS 2016 - "Lost Dekatria"


GIT MASTERS 2016にエントリーしてみました

Twitter: @hikaru_light729

Fractal Audio Systems Axe FX II XL+
.strandberg* Boden OS 7
Logic Pro X

GIT MASTERS 2016 - "Lost Dekatria"

Masahiro Aoki: Godspeed Vivix - G5 Project is going to have two big releases on November 2nd.

G5 Project is going to have two big releases on November 2nd.
G5 Projectは11月2日に下記2作品をリリースします。

- G5 10th Anniversary Best
- G5 2016

Grab yourself a slice of the previous albums

G5 Project Trailer -Journey Continues- (2016 Fall)

Kimura Yoshito: Day Of The Dead

This music image is last boss battle.


Composition:木村吉余(Kimura Yoshito(k1mu))
Arrangement:木村吉余(Kimura Yoshito(k1mu))
Played all instruments:木村吉余(Kimura Yoshito(k1mu))
Track making:木村吉余(Kimura Yoshito(k1mu))
Recorded:木村吉余(Kimura Yoshito(k1mu))
Mixing:木村吉余(Kimura Yoshito(k1mu))
Mastering:木村吉余(Kimura Yoshito(k1mu))
Video edit:木村吉余(Kimura Yoshito(k1mu))






Hajime Nezu: Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest Entry #kieselsolocontest


【Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest】


・Paul Reed Smith Custom 24
・Fractal Audio Systems Axe-Fx II
・Avid Mbox 2
・Avid Pro Tools 10
Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest Entry - Hajime Nezu

【G.O.D.LIKE COMPOSER】beyond your limit【G.O.D. COMPETITION】

Daisuke Kurosawa, Yoshiko Ikejiri: Yakudoshi - Guitar Playthrough - super progressive JFusion

Composed by Yoshiko Ikejiri

黒沢ダイスケ (Daisuke Kurosawa) (Gt)
上田哲也 (Tetsuya Ueda)(Ba)
池尻喜子 (Yoshiko Ikejiri)(Key)
スズキトモヒサ a.k.a. Soopy (Tomohisa "Soopy" Suzuki) (Dr)

Audio Mixed by Tetsu
Video Edited by Kuro

Yakudoshi - Guitar Playthrough (Original Song)

Arm2ng: Kiesel Guitar Solo Contest Entry

Arm2ng: Kiesel Guitar Solo Contest Entry

Kiesel Guitar Solo Contest Entry - Arm2ng

【G.O.D.LIKE COMPOSER】 Shredroid by Arm2ng 【G.O.D. COMPETITION】

Kenshiro: Tharsis - GOD competition - Skervesen / Swan FF8


Skervesen / Swan FF8
FractalAudioSystems / AXE-FXⅡXL


撮影協力 / Raku


Hikaru Tashiro: performs all songs from G.O.D. 111 - G.O.D. COMPETITION

Gear: .strandberg* Boden OS 7 - FAS Axe FX II XL+
Skype: abura_masashi
Twitter: @hikaru_light729

0:04 Blaze / Godspeed
1:52 NAMAHAM / 大和
3:43 Ghost Hacker / Oka Satoshi
5:35 R.S.P.C. / ぎぶそん
7:27 花鳥風月 / Ren
9:20 Eccentric Aspect / Mayer
11:11 nightscape / ボーグ
13:01 Fatal Attraction / Mitsuyo
14:55 Terra Car / Sebon
16:46 trefoil scaccus / Seku
18:37 Stellar Notes / setsat
【PLAY LIKE G.O.D.111】G.O.D.111 全曲カバー【G.O.D. COMPETITION】

Jason Sadites: Appeal To The Stone - 'The Learning Curve' with the amazing Marco Minnemann on drums.

Jason Sadites

Last month I released my latest CD which is called 'The Learning Curve'. Over the next while I am going to do play through videos of each song on the album and post them to my YouTube channel. Here is the first one that I just completed. This is the first track on the CD and one of the more challenging ones to play. If you would like to grab a copy of the CD or download you can do so through the following sources:

Abstract Logix:
CD Baby:
Google Play:

I would like to say a big thank you to my friend Marco Minnemann for doing such an incredible job playing drums on the entire album. Also a big thank you to another friend, Martin Motnik, who contributed bass guitar for 2 tracks on the album.

Also, a big thank you to my friends over at Godin Guitars (OFFICIAL) for making such amazing instruments which I used exclusively for the entire CD and attached video. You can check out their entire line of instruments at

Hope you enjoy the video and please feel free to share and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you are so inclined.

Andrzej Citowicz: releases a video for ‘Silver Sail’, ‘In Time’ album out

Andrzej Citowicz releases a video for ‘Silver Sail’, ‘In Time’ album out

The official video for the song ‘Silver Sail’ from the Cairo-based Polish guitarist Andrzej Citowicz can be seen below. The track is taken from his new solo album “In Time”, released independently on September the 12th.

‘In Time’ was recorded by Citowicz in collaboration with the German multi-instrumentalist and producer Dirk Arnicke and the Polish bass player Patryk Szymanski, both formerly of TACE (an international music project also known as The Andrzej Citowicz Experience).

The video for ‘Silver Sail’, featuring Citowicz and Szymanski on acoustic guitars, can be viewed here:

Andrzej Citowicz: new song "Silver Sail" from "In Time" album (2016) from Andrzej Citowicz on Vimeo.

‘Silver Sail’ is the second single from ‘In Time’. Prior to its release, ‘Fade Away’ had its world premiere on The Michael Spiggos Melodic Rock Show in Rock Radio UK on August the 24th, 2016.

‘In Time’ tracklist:

⦁ Intro
⦁ Blaze Of Hope
⦁ Why Can’t I?
⦁ Solitude
⦁ Ring Of Uranus
⦁ Angels Love
⦁ In Time
⦁ King Of The Crossroads
⦁ Fade Away
⦁ Silver Sail
⦁ Bruadarach (Dreamer)

 “It's been three long years since we started working on “In Time”, says Citowicz. „The process was not too difficult perhaps but certainly prolonged, as the album's content developed and matured during the entire period... For me personally, the recorded material is a kind of bridge between the past and the future. It captures my present hopes and fears and can stand for an instrumental diary of sorts... Musically, we're moving forward from what we've done on previous releases. “In Time” will be more organic sound-wise than its predecessors, with more progressive flavours to it. However, we can't say we really forgot about the melodic aspects of our sound or the penchant for ballads and Hard Rock uptempos. In spite of the physical distance between me, Dirk and Patryk we're all able to deliver cohesive, coherent material which stylistically is a resultant of our personal musical preferences”.

‘In Time’ will be available in digital format on iTunes, Amazon and Youtube.

Born in 1976 in Poland, Andrzej Citowicz is a Cairo-based guitarist and songwriter. His recording catalog includes a compilation of demos „Year Of The Dragon” and a Christmas EP released via Down Boys Records in 2012 and two instrumental albums („Shot Down, Get Up”, „Ace Of Hearts”) and another Christmas EP released in 2013. In 2014, the „Jack Of Hearts” EP was released under the moniker of The Andrzej Citowicz Experience (TACE) together with Dirk Arnicke, Patryk Szymanski (Transtime) and Oliver Monsieur (AMP the Band). TACE disbanded in 2015, allowing Citowicz to step out solo again while maintaining a collaboration with his former TACE bandmates.

Visit Andrzej Citowicz online at or his Facebook profile:

Soichiro Mizuno: Tulpa - Takenawa Intrigue - Download tabs, backing tracks - learn this awesome tapping solo

I just took a solo instruction video for "Tulpa" with playthrough.
Download tabs, backing tracks(for 16bit and 24bit) and video here:

Lead guitars: EADGBE
Rhythm guitars: EbBbEbAbDbFBb (7to1)

Track: Tulpa (ft. Kento from 7YEARS TO MIDNIGHT)
Album: TAKENAWA INTRIGUE (Mar 27, 2016)
Project: TAKENAWA INTRIGUE (consists of 5 guitarists)
Album available (5USD) on Bandcamp:

playthrough of all tracks in 1st album:

Twitter (Japanese):

"Tulpa" (TAKENAWA INTRIGUE) Guitar Instruction [Free Official TABs]

Maru Martinez: Periphery - Mile Zero Solo Cover

Gave this sick solo by Wes Hauch a try! This is probably my favorite solo off of the PII album. Hope you dig!

Video shot by Anup Sastry at this studio


Periphery - Mile Zero Solo Cover

Atto Inosato: Deep Deep Inside - G.O.D. LIKE COMPOSER

because the music game was that theme, he (like beating) want to play in the GITADORA was packed like unlimited phrases
drum notation also tried to put in the extra O ^ ^
Atto Inosato3

7/18 postscript: It was chosen as a finalist. Over and play in Minami-Aoyama to 7/31!
Postscript 2: was decided GITADORA recording received a Special Jury Prize! ! Thank you!

G.O.D.LIKE COMPOSER] Deep Deep Inside / ino.


Twitter @HOooooZY

This is my G.O.D COMPETITION entry.
Song, Guitar, and all instruments, program, mix, mastering by hoji


Ryu Lapis: Drug & Drop - GOD guitar competition


twitter ■

Compose : Ryu
Arrange : Ryu
Guitar : Ryu

Mix, Mastaring, Drum Programming : ke
Movie : ke, Onicii

Drug & Drop / Ryu

Keisuke Yamasaki: Blaze G.O.D. COMPETITION

Thank you!

Atto Kei_Gt_0828

【PLAY LIKE G.O.D.111】Blaze 【G.O.D. COMPETITION】by Keisuke Yamasaki

Agno: "Twisting Sol" God Guitar competition

"Twisting Sol"

Composed And Played By Agno

Twitter: Atto Anonym9627

Suhr Modern Pro
Axe fx II

Jason Becker: "Billy The Carrot" - Unreleased Demo #2 - soulful performance

My 2nd "new" song. When I was young, we often spent time in the desert. This song was me looking back and reflecting on the mood and vibe of the desert. The silence there is awesome, but when we got tired of hearing nothing, we would listen to Bob Dylan. I'm sure I was influenced by him, too.

Because of ALS, I was very weak for this song, so I tried to keep it simple.
This photo is from when my dad and I drove home from L.A. after having to leave David Lee Roth's band. We spent the night here in the Alabama Hills.

Jason Becker - "Billy The Carrot" - Unreleased Demo #2

Jason Becker - "Sliding Away" - Unreleased Demo #1

Sus Vasquez: Kiesel Guitar Contest Entry #kieselsolocontest

Sus - girl guitarist from Medellin, Colombia


This is my entry in the #kieselsolocontest contest.
Hope you like it!
Recorded in my room with the Pod HD5000x into Logic Pro X, video filmed with a Nikon D5200.

Sus - guitarrista de Medellín, Colombia


Esta es mi entrada en el concurso de #kieselsolocontest.
Espero que les guste!
Grabado en mi habitación con el Pod HD5000x en Logic Pro X vídeo grabado con una Nikon D5200.

Sus - Kiesel Guitar Contest Entry #kieselsolocontest