Paul Reed Smith: Brett Berhoff Making Impact with Paul Reed Smith Interview

SAN FRANCISCO — When two thought leaders come together for a feature on the front page of the Huffington Post, there’s a genuine opportunity for enlightenment. A recent example took place when entrepreneur and influencer Brett Berhoff decided to interview Paul Reed Smith, master luthier and founder of PRS Guitars.

PRS guitars are played by countless musicians of different genres, including guitar legends Carlos Santana and John Mayer. After a private tour at PRS headquarters, Berhoff spent quality time with Smith in the factory’s exclusive wood vault for his Legends of Music Series. For Berhoff, a contributor to the Harvard Business Review, it was the opportunity to introduce his audience to a highly specialized industry where passion, above all, drives profits. For Smith, it was an opportunity to discuss his thoughts on the business of music while sharing personal stories the world has yet to hear. Accompanied by exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, the historic interview reached a mainstream audience via The Huffington Post, where Berhoff is a front page contributor.

A seasoned keynote speaker, Berhoff builds on the new series and will expose the music industry to the world in a way that everyone can understand. Millions of people share a passion for music, and millions more share a passion for business and brand-building. There’s an excellent conversation to be had deep inside these two worlds, and Berhoff presents it in his unique form for all to learn and enjoy.

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