Saturday, 24 September 2016

Marty Friedman: Filmmaker Jeremy Frindel is doing a full length on

Marty Friedman

Filmmaker Jeremy Frindel is doing a full length film on yours truly.
I have respected his work for some time now, and am flattered that he is so determined and inspired to tell this story. Because of that I`ve given him full access to my every move for the next year or so. I plan on sharing all the private details of exactly what got me here, and what keeps me going. I have yet to really tell much of my personal story to anyone, but Frindel is a director that I can trust to properly tell the story of what it took and what it still takes to make seemingly unrealistic and multi-cultural dreams become real.

Keshav Dhar: Chemical Hands by Skyharbor - plus UK and Europe tour dates

Chemical Hands
by Skyharbor

Starting out as a simple studio project by Keshav Dhar, Skyharbor has evolved into one of India’s hottest metal exports, with big props coming in from some of the biggest names in metal worldwide, and a rapidly expanding fan base around the globe as the band brings their unique brand of progressive rock to a new territory every year. less

Wayne Krantz: Undercover Pop World Tour Dates 2016

Date Venue Location Tickets
Oct 04 Sellersville Theatre Sellersville, PA Tickets RSVP
Oct 05 Mexicali Live Teaneck, NJ Tickets RSVP
Oct 06 Regattabar Cambridge, MA Tickets RSVP
Oct 07 Cutting Room New York, NY Specials Tickets RSVP
Oct 08 River Street Jazz Café Scranton, PA Tickets RSVP
Oct 09 Jammin' Java Vienna, VA Tickets RSVP
Oct 12 Third & Lindsley Nashville, TN Tickets RSVP
Oct 13 Reggie's Chicago, IL Tickets RSVP
Oct 14 Jazz Kitchen Indianapolis, IN Tickets RSVP
Oct 15 Jazz Kitchen Indianapolis, IN Tickets RSVP
Oct 16 The House That Rocks Indian Trail, NC Tickets RSVP
Oct 18 Grey Eagle Asheville, NC Tickets RSVP
Oct 19 The Miraverse Pittsboro, NC Tickets RSVP
Oct 20 Aisle 5 Atlanta, GA Tickets RSVP
Oct 21 One 2 One Austin, TX Tickets RSVP
Oct 22 Rhythm Room Phoenix, AZ Tickets RSVP
Oct 23 El Corazon Seattle, WA Tickets RSVP
Oct 25 Yoshi's Oakland, CA Tickets RSVP
Oct 26 Kuumbwa Jazz Center Santa Cruz, CA Tickets RSVP
Oct 28 Cotton Club Tokyo, Japan Tickets RSVP
Oct 29 Cotton Club Tokyo, Japan Tickets RSVP
Oct 30 Cotton Club Tokyo, Japan Tickets RSVP
Nov 01 Blue Note Beijing, China Tickets RSVP
Nov 02 Blue Note Beijing, China Tickets RSVP
Nov 20 M8 Mainz, Germany Tickets RSVP
Nov 21 M8 Mainz, Germany Tickets RSVP
Nov 26 Stichting Lantaren Venster Rotterdam, Netherlands RSVP
Nov 28 TBD Tallinn, Estonia RSVP

Marco Sfogli: 20 Album Phrases!

Learn 20 of Marco Sfogli's Favourite Album Phrases

You asked for it, so Marco delivered! Learn 20 of Marco Sfogli's favourite key phrases spanning the albums that have been graced with his incredible guitar playing. Close up videos, full TAB, phrases backings and text notes to help you learn to play like the master himself! Marco spent a long time putting this together and even recorded new versions of these backing tracks just for you to work with!

In these phrases you will find a whole host of incredible musical ideas and impressive techniques. You'll find legato, tapping, sweep picking, alternate picking, string skipping, quick position shifts, multiple octave runs, odd time meters, pentatonics, non-diatonic playing, chromatics, crazy arpeggios, plenty of shred and some epically beautiful soloing!

Marco is a true master of the instrument, both creatively and technically and by learning his 20 favourite album phrases with these videos and TAB you can get one step closer to achieving his impressive level of mastery.

Download right now, or Premium Members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!

Marco Sfogli's 20 Album Phrases!

Adrian Weiss: Crowdfunding Campaign For 'Criminal Record'

Dear fans of instrumental rock and metal!

I am happy to reveal the cover artwork for my new solo album 'Criminal Record' that will be released on Dec 16 2016:

Even though the reactions of press and listeners to my first two solo albums was overwhelmingly positive, I still am quite far away from breaking even financially. That´s why this time I have decided to reach out to you - my friends, supporters and fans - directly, to ask you to help me with the funding of my new album by pre-ordering it now through my crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo which you can find here:

By supporting my crowdfunding campaign and pre-ordering ‘Criminal Record’ you will not only help me cover the remaining costs of the album, but also receive the new cd (and or download) a good three weeks before the official release date stated above, in late Nov of this year. You can also take advantage of the offered perks consisting of my previous solo albums as well as the albums I have released with my current and former bands.

I am also offering a T-Shirt for the new album.:

Mika Tyyskä: Mr. Fastfinger's Neon Alchemist new 3 EP's Collection

New EP's, great news from the land of Mr. Fastfinger

Mr. Fastfinger's new EP's Neon Alchemist and Swim Like Sushi will be released soon. If you missed this news, please jump to our Indiegogo page and check out all the info and our promo video. We are releasing a 1 CD collection 3 EP's

Pre-Order is offically over, but the campaign continues as "in Demand", so you can still pre-order it for this week. Next week I'll be sending all pre-orers their links to the music. The CD's are currently being manufactured also. They will ship as early next month as it's possible.

If you missed the pre-oreder here you go. Also a few of special Mr. Fastfinger "Mountain Tone" patches that once we sold out are back in stock.

Full song "Blissrush" from the Neon Alchemist -EP.

I respect this moment,
Mika Tyyskä

Neon Alchemist

$13 / $18 Pre-Order


Swim Like Sushi - Live

Nick Andrew: Kiesel solo contest-Nick Andrew #kieselsolocontest

I thought I'd give this a go as I downloaded the track and had great fun playing over it.
My guitar is a MJS custom and its going into my Bluguitar Amp1 direct into Logic (I just added a wee bit of delay post recording).
I'm also using the u-he Bazille synth for the long notes via the Fishman Triple Play.
I managed to cram in a couple of takes between teaching. I've been working on overtones which is jolly good fun and I had to throw a couple in!

Kiesel solo contest-Nick Andrew #kieselsolocontest

Justin Liew: #kieselsolocontest Kiesel Solo Contest

Playing all dem notes to get a chance to win a free guitar! #kieselsolocontest

#kieselsolocontest Kiesel Solo Contest - Justin Liew