Saturday, 8 October 2016

Robert Ritchiesse: Unidentified Legato Object

This is not studio-quality audio; this is only a home-video session during my practice. Take it or leave it. The music in this video is the solo-background – and the theme as well, without the improvised legato-based solo with my 11-stringed "ax". This tune is the title tune of my upcoming solo album. I was very much inspired by Allan Holdsworth’s Distance vs. Desire, when I wrote this tune – Unidentified Legato Object. But I wanted a much more "darker" sound and harmonies compared to Allan’s lovely tune, and of course, a special composed tune for my 11-stringed "ax". I guess I’m evil …

Hm, there are some "flick-sound" in this recording. I don’t know why, and I don’t care – this time. This time, I only cared about to play my tune … "right" enough … with this basic, single volyme-guitar. To me, this recording sounds pretty "simple and naked" compared to the theme in the studio-version that I have "finsished" in my head: all the volyme guitars with different pitches and settings, stereo reverbs, echoes etc – and even "sci fi"-sounds in the background. ;)

That 11-stringed guitar is my "main ax" since almost 20 years. The tuning system (from "top to bottom" followed by string dimensions) is: g (0,007), d (0,010), bb (0,013), f ((w) 0,018), C (0,026), G (0,036), D (0,046), G (0,060), Eb (0,074), D (0,074), C (0,074). I´m using a Digitech GSP 2101 Studio Tube and a Fender Twin Amp in this video.

I hope you like it.

Take care

Unidentified Legato Object (contact 2) by Robert Ritchiesse

Jakko Jakszyk: Kemper Artist Talk - live rig

Jakko Jakszyk: Kemper Artist Talk - live rig

Kemper Artist Talk - Jakko Jakszyk

Keith Whalen: the wailing Facebook Guitar Licks (compilation)

Here are a few licks (12 minutes lol) from a variety of videos I've uploaded to my Facebook page over the past few years.

Keith Whalen - Facebook Guitar Licks (compilation)

Adam Ironside: 2 Steps to Holdsworth's Legato

2 techniques that will help improve your legato and get you closer to that dripping, fluid sound that he is so famous for.

Adam Ironside: 2 Steps to Holdsworth's Legato

Rick Graham: Peter Piper Picked A Pattern of Pentatonics - Shred Training Lesson

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Peter Piper Picked A Pattern of Pentatonics - Shred Training Lesson

Never Skip Legato Day

Chris Brooks: the Fives Turnaround for position shifting at speed.

Full explanation and tab:
Steal this "Fives" turnaround and use it any time you wish to shift up or down into other scale shapes. This is one of 25 studies that appear in my TYW course. Each study has a little "nugget" like this that you can use regardless of your style.

Chris Brooks - the Fives Turnaround for position shifting at speed.

Francesco Fareri: Universal Collision [Album Preview]

Album preview! Guest Players Fabio Cerrone (guitar), Lorenzo Feliciati (bass) and Pierpaolo Ranieri (bass)

NEW ALBUM "Universal Collision" Pre-Order NOW on

Available also on:

Gear used: ESP E-II Horizon FR7, EMG 707, GHS 0.09-0.42, Blackstar HT100 Metal

FRANCESCO FARERI proudly uses and endorses:
ESP GUITARS / EMG Pickups / Blackstar Amps / GHS Strings / Backline

Guitar Lessons in Rome or by Skype

Francesco Fareri: Universal Collision [Album Preview]

Richard Lainegard: Evening Noodle on Fibenare Erotic Dalmat and Torpedo Live

Still going to do a proper demo of this fantastic instrument, but don't really feel I have ideas to make it justice quite yet, it's such a versatile instrument. In the meantime though I did a little test clip with it.

Now, another reason I did this is for a direct A/B comparison with the PRS-test clip I did earlier. Everything in this video is identical, same amp, pedal, torpedo and settings. So with the McCarty as frame of reference, this should give you at least an idea of the width and definition of tone in this guitar. I know I love it ;)

Some specs:
One-piece Hungarian ash body with a 5A maple burl top
one-piece Ovankol neck with a ebony fretboard
this guitar is all hand made, no CNC's or anything like that, just proper (albeit crazy level) artisan craftsmanship

Test fiddling with a Fibenare Erotic Dalmat and Torpedo Live

Attila Vörös, Chris Amott: Scar VII - Strength Of Will coming in December 2016.

Attila Vörös - Scar VII featuring Chris Amott (instrumental). NEW ALBUM "Strength Of Will" coming in December / 2016. Featuring artists from the following bands:
Arch Enemy, Ektomorf, Ghost Ship Octavius, Hatesphere, Mayhem, Nevermore and many more.

Download the entire song featuring Chris Amott (Armageddon/ex-Arch Enemy):
Google Play:

Download guitar tab:
Download all Axe FX MKII guitar & bass presets:


Scar VII was played by:
Attila Vörös - all guitars and bass
Chris Amott - guest lead
Marton Veress (Armageddon) - drums

Postproductions: Tarczi Tamás /
Cameraman: Bálint Tóth, Viktória Mohai (
Video was shot at KVLT BP in 2016 (

Drums were recorded at Tonitrus Hangstúdió in 2016 (

Attila Vörös - Scar VII feat Chris Amott (instrumental - edited version)

Ciro Manna: Time Warp Solo Sessions!

*NEW* Ciro Manna's Time Warp Solo Sessions!
Download Link:

Ciro Manna returns to warp your perception of guitar soloing by giving you 5 fantastic full length odd time solos to learn. Study and master the essential techniques and devices required to really ROCK over these 5 odd time backing tracks!

The time signatures in this package cover 15/8 (grouped as 4/4 + 7/8), 5/4 and 7/4 (grouped as 4/4 + 3/4) in a range of styles including funk, jazz, rock, fusion and blues! Even if you are not highly experienced in odd time grooves, the TAB/notation and fantastic compositional skills will make it easy to instinctively understand what's going on and how to lock into the grooves.

For those of you interested in the theory behind these awesome tracks, you'll be making use of mixolydian, lydian, dorian, major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, blues, lydian dominant and half/whole diminished scales, following changes with arpeggios, octave melodies, extended chromatics and much more!

From a technique perspective Ciro will have you using legato, bending, vibrato, slides, palm muting, alternate picking and sweep picking!

Each track has full videos, audio, backing tracks, jam tracks, TAB/notation and some bonus track notes featuring brief soloing notes to help you really master these solos!

So if you're a huge odd time signature fan, looking to get into more unconventional musical areas, or are just looking for some new fresh and inspiring material to learn, grab this pack today to 'up' your odd time soloing game and take your guitar solos to new heights!

Download right now, or Premium Members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!

*NEW* Ciro Manna's Time Warp Solo Sessions!

Fredrik Thordendal, Mårten Hagström: Clockworks - Meshuggah promo video from the new album

Official music video (produced by Julius Horsthuis) for "Clockworks" from MESHUGGAH's eighth album, The Violent Sleep of Reason, out worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records. Order the album at
Subscribe to Nuclear Blast YouTube: / Subscribe to Meshuggah YouTube:

Jens Kidman - Vocals
Fredrik Thordendal - Guitars
Mårten Hagström - Guitars
Tomas Haake - Drums
Dick Lövgren - Bass


Pick up, download and stream the brand new Meshuggah album, The Violent Sleep of Reason,

North American Tour kicks off on October 10th. Dates and tickets at

ORDER ALBUM ATNuclear Blast:
Amazon Music:
Google Play:

On Tour:


Dave Davidson: Crumbling Imperium - Soloing in Odd Meters

In this episode of Thrash Course, Dave Davidson of Revocation talks about soloing in odd meters, showing specific examples from the new Revocation song "Crumbling Imperium." For tabs, check out:

Revocation's Dave Davidson - "Crumbling Imperium" and Soloing in Odd Meters

PJ d'Atri: The Interview - September 2016 - discusses upcoming albums, live performances and more

Thanks to Terry Rasor and Marilyn White for support and assistance and making this a lot of (good clean) fun!

Recorded in Berkeley, CA in September 2016. Hope you like!

PJ d'Atri - The Interview (September 2016)

Goriku Mamoru: super weakness by Osaka MI University teacher!

Young guitar 2016 November ( Http://Youngguitar.Jp/yg/yg-201611 ) Listings is linked video of "GIT SUMMIT WORKSHOP".

MI JAPAN "super weakness by Osaka University Goriku protect teacher! Supple speed picking surgery! "

Rick Graham: Kadinja - guest solo for upcoming album

Here's a guest solo I made for the band Kadinja. Honoured to be a part of their upcoming album!!! Hope you enjoy the video! Don't forget to like, share and subscribe. ➢➢➢ Download my HD guitar lessons here:
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Kadinja (guest solo) - Rick Graham Guitar

Jason Sadites: Conspicuous Absence - Godin Summit Classic P90 - Seymour Duncan Vintage SP90-1

The track Conspicuous Absence from the new CD 'The Learning Curve'. The CD features Jason on all guitars, Martin Motnik on bass for two tracks and the amazing Marco Minnemann on all drum tracks. The CD was recorded entirely with Godin Guitars and Seymour Duncan pickups with S.I.T Strings through East Amplification amplifiers and East Amps Digital Kemper profiles.

You can get your copy through the following sources:
Abstract Logix:
CD Baby:
Google Play:

Godin Summit Classic P90 - Conspicuous Absence by Jason Sadites (Seymour Duncan Vintage SP90-1)

John Huldt: MC Systems Dynamic Delay Demo

A demo and quick run through of the MC Systems Dynamic delay.

MC Systems Dynamic Delay Demo

Andre Noronha: Racing Solo and promo video from the new album

Backing track in ``Em`` W/Key Change to ``C#m`` (RACING - Andre Noronha)

Super hard rock backing track in Em W/Key Change (RACING - Andre Noronha)

ANDRE NORONHA - Racing (Official Music Video)

Ulisses Miyazawa: Star Fleet - Brian May/Eddie Van Halen - look what happens when you do justice to the cover!

Ulisses Daniel Miyazawa

Brian May mentioned me on his twitter, and beyond this, i´m on his official web site!!! I have no words to say how much this represents to me, it´s really a great honor for me, that´s amazing!!! Thank you so much Brian May!!! ( 2nd photo by James Rundle, thank you so much for your support James, i really appreciate)

Star Fleet BRIAN MAY & FRIENDS (Brian May/Eddie Van Halen) - Ulisses Miyazawa

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart: Rush | Time Stand Still and a whole bunch of other Rush goodness

More info:

The popularity of a rock band can often be built on the road. That is how Rush did it over their 40 year history. Building a bond with their fans that has carried them through countless gold and platinum albums and, eventually, into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. But … What happens if this unique, reciprocal relationship between Rush and their devoted fans is altered…perhaps forever.. In May 2015, Rush went out for a 40th anniversary tour and it was rumoured that it may be their last tour of this kind. This might actually be the end of their life on the road. Rush | Time Stand Still is a documentary which covers the R40 tour and the special relationship Rush have with their devoted fans. Exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the band and crew throughout the tour provide the raw and vivid emotional undertones of this feature-length film. At the core of the film are Rush’s devoted fans. Their undying devotion and their quirky sense of ownership are on full display as the R40 tour comes to a crescendo in Los Angeles. Personal stories highlight the importance Rush holds in their lives and the lasting impressions of their extensive catalog. For Rush, they are quick to acknowledge the role their fans have played in their success, which makes this tour so difficult. Candid interviews with Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart bring the film to an emotional conclusion for a band who built their career the old-fashioned way. One show at a time.

Rush | Time Stand Still - A One-Night Event In Cinemas Nationwide!

Rush's Time Stand Still Heading to Theaters for One Night! HD

Rush | The Legend of "The Bag" | Time Stand Still

Behind The Vinyl - "Limelight" with Alex Lifeson from Rush

Behind The Vinyl - "Tom Sawyer" with Alex Lifeson from Rush

ALEX LIFESON Interview Discussing Rush Medlock Krieger St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Show

RUSH - Tom Sawyer - Bonus Material Classic Albums

Red Frandany: Witchblade - Walk Alone

Today today today ChileRock will be debuting with Witchblade, they come real good topics, including Walk Alone! :) See you!! (Kmazú - 18:00 )

Witchblade - Walk Alone

Jason Becker: is making a new album. Be a part of it!

Jason Becker's New Album
Jason Becker is the guitarist/composer who has had ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) for over 27 years. He is making a new album. In addition to his new music, Jason hopes to demonstrate through this project how support to meet one’s physical needs can mean that even massive physical limitations don’t necessarily equal creative limitation.

Jason Becker is making a new album. Be a part of it!

Jason Becker's New Album Campaign from Jason Becker on Vimeo.