Robert Ritchiesse: Unidentified Legato Object

This is not studio-quality audio; this is only a home-video session during my practice. Take it or leave it. The music in this video is the solo-background – and the theme as well, without the improvised legato-based solo with my 11-stringed "ax". This tune is the title tune of my upcoming solo album. I was very much inspired by Allan Holdsworth’s Distance vs. Desire, when I wrote this tune – Unidentified Legato Object. But I wanted a much more "darker" sound and harmonies compared to Allan’s lovely tune, and of course, a special composed tune for my 11-stringed "ax". I guess I’m evil …

Hm, there are some "flick-sound" in this recording. I don’t know why, and I don’t care – this time. This time, I only cared about to play my tune … "right" enough … with this basic, single volyme-guitar. To me, this recording sounds pretty "simple and naked" compared to the theme in the studio-version that I have "finsished" in my head: all the volyme guitars with different pitches and settings, stereo reverbs, echoes etc – and even "sci fi"-sounds in the background. ;)

That 11-stringed guitar is my "main ax" since almost 20 years. The tuning system (from "top to bottom" followed by string dimensions) is: g (0,007), d (0,010), bb (0,013), f ((w) 0,018), C (0,026), G (0,036), D (0,046), G (0,060), Eb (0,074), D (0,074), C (0,074). I´m using a Digitech GSP 2101 Studio Tube and a Fender Twin Amp in this video.

I hope you like it.

Take care

Unidentified Legato Object (contact 2) by Robert Ritchiesse