Richard Lainegard: Evening Noodle on Fibenare Erotic Dalmat and Torpedo Live

Still going to do a proper demo of this fantastic instrument, but don't really feel I have ideas to make it justice quite yet, it's such a versatile instrument. In the meantime though I did a little test clip with it.

Now, another reason I did this is for a direct A/B comparison with the PRS-test clip I did earlier. Everything in this video is identical, same amp, pedal, torpedo and settings. So with the McCarty as frame of reference, this should give you at least an idea of the width and definition of tone in this guitar. I know I love it ;)

Some specs:
One-piece Hungarian ash body with a 5A maple burl top
one-piece Ovankol neck with a ebony fretboard
this guitar is all hand made, no CNC's or anything like that, just proper (albeit crazy level) artisan craftsmanship

Test fiddling with a Fibenare Erotic Dalmat and Torpedo Live