Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sean Baker: Clownhammer - new album available from Shredguy records

9 TRACKS of modern metal!
featuring Sean Baker on guitar!
Track listing

Rob Scallon: Anchor EP - Tour Edition

1.Anchor 03:51

2.A Collapse 02:26

3.Theater Girl 03:09
4.HomeHomeHome 03:21
5.Le Gentil & the Transit of Venus 03:21

6.Unconditional 03:03

7.Rain 02:02

8.Summer 03:02

9.Heard Again 04:32

10.For That Second 03:57

11.Somewhere to Run To 03:53

12.Mutter 06:33

This is a collection of all my best solo guitar work from the last 10 years.

Before going on the road for the last tour, we had these remastered, some mastered for the first time so we could have this as my first vinyl release.
released November 4, 2016

Xavier Boscher: Pentagramme - new album

1. Le corps des femmes (free) 04:28
2. Métronome céleste 05:16
3. La lune rouge 05:01
4. Pentagramme 04:20
5. Volupté 02:51
6. Géométrie intime 04:41
7. Quinacridone 04:51
8. Les voyageurs du temps 08:13

Wagner Ribeiro: Trillogy - Breaking Time and Overcoming from the debut album

Trillogy's official video for ‘Overcoming' from their first album.

Fan page:
Instagram: @bandatrillogy

Trillogy - Overcoming

Trillogy's official video for ‘Breaking Time' from their firts album.

Trillogy - Breaking Time

Zac Tiessen: Traverse - progressive rock Toronto

1. Clear Skies Ahead 05:08
2. Midafternoon Milan 03:10
3. Rarefaction 01:52
4. Permutation 04:22
released November 4, 2016

Composed, Performed, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Zac Tiessen

Photography, Layout & Design by Josh Tiessen

Al Mu'min: • THM | ETO • .strandberg*

Al Mu'min: • THM | ETO •

• THM | ETO •

• THM | LTP •

Red Frandany: Dtronia - Guitar idol 2016

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Guitar idol 2016 | Red Frandany - Dtronia

Tomasz Andrzejewski: Not Made In China now available on Bandcamp

1. Tomasz Andrzejewski-Broken Heart04:10
2. Tomasz Andrzejewski-Dangerous Speed Shuffle 03:37
3. Tomasz Andrzejewski-Forever 05:20
4. Tomasz Andrzejewski-Tommaso Concerto 03:31
5. Tomasz Andrzejewski-Not Made In China 03:30
6. Tomasz Andrzejewski-Green Island04:20
7. Tomasz Andrzejewski-Cry 04:53
8. Tomasz Andrzejewski-Racer 04:00
9. Tomasz Andrzejewski-Neoclassic 02:50
10. Tomasz Andrzejewski-Heavy Czardas02:15

released June 1, 2008

Andrei Kaptsiuh: Endless De Generation - new album

1. Flame Of The Oblivion 03:08
2. Phoenix Rebirth 03:56
3. Monolith Of Broken Chains 03:09

My first album.
I want to thank these people: Egor Monid, Alina Gluhova and Alexander Turovec.
Special thanks: Alt R Studio

Alex Hutchings: Music China 2016 Live in Shanghai

Alex Hutchings Music China 2016 Live in Shanghai

Alex Hutchings Music China 2016 Live in Shanghai

Tyler Reese: "Out of Orbit" from the CD "Reminiscence"

This is a 7:04 minute video of a live performance of intense, high energy, jazz fusion song Out Of Orbit, written and arranged by Tyler Reese. Out Of Orbit, the video, features lightning speed licks and high intensity jazz solos from the piano and guitar, and was inspired by the playing style of Guthrie Govan, the piano style of David Benoit, and the progressive jazz sounds of Pat Metheny. This is accompanied by the one of a kind playing style of the great Gary Grainger, laying down the most solid slap groove imaginable. The song is off the CD "Reminiscence" produced by Jeff Silverman (Rick Springfield, Hiroshima, The Allman Brothers Band, Tim Weisberg) of Palette Studio and instrumental, jazz fusion guitarist Tyler Reese (Berklee College of Music, studied with Pat Metheny, played with Prince) . This video was shot at Oceanway Studios, Nashville Tennessee in August of 2016 with engineer Pat McMakin on the soundboard in the large studio, a 100 year old church converted to a recording studio. The video features The Percussionator, Matthew Burgess of Nashville, TN on hand percussion, Gary Grainger (John Scofield, Acoustic Alchemy, Paul Reed Smith, Earth Wind and Fire) on bass, Toby Fairchild on drums, and Paul Rucker on piano and synthesizer.

"Out of Orbit" by Tyler Reese from the CD "Reminiscence"

Marco Sfogli, Vladimir Shevyakov: Winner Flying Finger Guitar Competitions 2016.

Marco picked his favorite performance on the Flying Finger Guitar Competitions 2016.


---WINNER--- Ibanez Flying Fingers 2016 Vladimir Shevyakov, Moscow, RU

Nico Schliemann: demo of Providence Stampede OD

just a quick demo of some sounds of the providence stampede OD i got recently. pretty lovely pedal and it also gets a bit fuzzy, when you start to crank the gain up;)

signal chain was my ibanez tm1702 into the providence OD, into my THC sunset, into my torpedo live and then going into logic for some reverb and delay. i did a lowcut at 100hz, no compression or post processing used here;)

feel free to share, comment or hit me up on facebook;)

Providence Stampede OD - Nico Schliemann

Luca Turilli: Luca Turilli's Rhapsody – ROSENKREUZ from CINEMATIC AND LIVE

Live track taken from 'Prometheus, The Dolby Atmos Experience + Cinematic And Live’:
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Out on december 9th 2016 on Nuclear Blast!

Nuclear Blast Records:
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Video realized by Luca Turilli, Chris Huszar and Davide Cilloni (Eklipse Media)

Official website:


James Graydon: Harmonic Soloing Masterclass

*NEW* Harmonic Soloing Masterclass - James Graydon
Download Link:

James Graydon returns to give you a new perspective on soloing! He will teach you how to empower your lead work by harmonising your melodic lines and imply all manner of harmonic elements in your own guitar solos!

James says 'We're going to be exploring the concepts behind harmonic soloing. Firstly, using intervals such as 3rds, 6ths and 10ths to harmonise your melodic lines, as well as using pedal tones. Next, we get under the hood a little bit and look at shell voicings; two and three note voicings that perfectly encapsulate what the chord is trying to say in as economical a way as possible. It opens up a completely new world of possibilities in solo playing, whether you're doing Jazz, Blues, Rock or even Folk and Country.

Also, if you're playing in a band setting it's particularly useful to learn how to interact properly with bass players and keyboard players, knowing which notes to leave out, and leave some of that space in the lower mid range of the music.

After that, we'll be looking at inner lines. These are fragments that run in the chord giving an extra sense of depth and maturity to the playing. Also, using dissonance or close voicings that keyboard players often play, we can use them to great effect in the middle of the chord or in the outer reaches of the chord to add some tension and resolution to the playing.

A lot of the time music is about what you leave out, not just what you put in. In the PDF we'll be looking at some of the theory behind chord structures and you'll learn that not all notes are equal when it comes to chords sometimes. You can leave certain things out to create a sense of clarity in your playing. When we hear players like John Scofield, or Pat Metheny in a trio setting or even the Police and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, they've all mastered this art of economy.

Finally, in part three I'll be taking you step by step through a solo I've constructed for a new track written especially for this pack it's called 'Between The Lines' which encompasses all of the theory and all of the techniques.

Even if you take a little bit of this knowledge and slowly incorporate it into your own playing, I can assure you that you will start thinking about lead lines in a different way with the implied harmony underneath. It's going to give you a completely different perspective on your soloing. Enjoy!'

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. Starting with the main masterclass PDF lesson teaching you all the concepts, you'll also find 38 exercises, 10 main melody videos, 23 solo line videos, a full 5 minute solo performance, full length backing track and complete TAB/Notation for everything!

*NEW* Harmonic Soloing Masterclass - James Graydon

News: Mrs. Wampler Pedals... the real CEO of Wampler Pedals

Just a note: This is a Q&A, an interesting insight into the spouse's perspective of owning a pedal business. Some of those who like the longer style of videos may like it, but there's no guitar playing on this video. Plenty of guitar discussion though, though from my better half's point of view.

On this special Vlog, we answer some questions from the Tone Group on Facebook ( and get Amanda's perspective on the pedal business. For those who may not know, Amanda is most often called "the real CEO of Wampler Pedals" among the staff, and wife of Brian. In short, she helps run much of the business and picks up the slack that Brian leaves hanging around, which can be quite a bit :D

1:10 What was the most difficult part of growing Wampler Pedals?
2:06 Does Amanda steal the covers?
2:40 How did we meet?
3:25 Does Brian bother Amanda with crazy pedal ideas?
5:04 What role does Amanda play in the company?
5:50 How did a nerd like Brian talk Amanda into marrying him?
7:01 Does Brian's OCD get in the way?
7:50 How often does Brian talk about pedals in his sleep?
8:02 Does the business take a toll on our marriage? Does Amanda support Brian's business and goals?
11:15 What is Brian's most annoying habit?
12:25 What are Amanda's aspirations?
13:53 Has Brian ever fell asleep in the shop?
15:16 Is Brian always thinking "pedals pedals pedals"?
16:15 Does it get old having all kinds of pedals laying around the house?
17:40 Does Amanda get creeped out if someone recognizes her or us?
19:33 Was Amanda supportive when we went full time with the business?
21:01 What do you think of the music industry in general?
24:04 Do people recognize your last name?
24:39 Steak Talk
25:40 Favorite vacation spot?
27:57 Brian gets in the dog house...
30:20 Amanda gets the dreamy eyes when around ___________?
32:43 Brian challenges Steven Segal to MMA?
33:33 What you don't know about many famous people...

Link to Amanda's other business:

Q&A with Mrs. Wampler Pedals... the real CEO of Wampler Pedals ;)

Dean Brown: Interview + Xotic California Classic XSC - Short Version

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Dean Brown Interview + Xotic California Classic XSC - Short Version

Greg Howe: About Improvisation, Creating Guitar Solos And Writting Songs TCDG

Hi Folks! Greg Howe is one of the greatest guitarists all time. He had played with top artists like Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Cristina Aguilera, Enrique Iglesias, and has also a incredible solo career, being one of the most acclaimed guitarists all around the world.
This month Greg Howe is our special guest at TCDG. We have played together and had a very interesting interview. Hope you´ll enjoy this awesome videos! Don´t forget to comment and like!
Web: http://tusclasesdeguitarra.comFacebook:

Greg Howe About Improvisation, Creating Guitar Solos And Writing Songs TCDG

Andy James: Exit Through Ashes - Performance from the new solo album

Here a performance of a new solo album song using the JCM 800 patch from my AJ signature kemper bundle available at

"Exit Through Ashes" Performance. New solo album coming soon

Maranhão: Expomusic 2016 - Stand da Santo Angelo - Maranhão

Maranhão: Expomusic 2016 - Stand da Santo Angelo - Maranhão

Expomusic 2016 - Stand da Santo Angelo - Maranhão

Paul Gilbert: Gi Weekly Ep7 - Interview and Live Gear Breakdown

This week on Guitar Interactive Weekly, Jonathan Graham talks with shred legend Paul Gilbert on stage at The Garage in London. Paul kindly takes us through his live set up for the current tour supporting his new album "I Can Destroy".
Visit for more information on Paul's latest album and upcoming tour dates.
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Gi Weekly Ep7 | Paul Gilbert Interview and Live Gear Breakdown

Fran Alonso: Rock On - Suhr Classic T Custom with Kemper Profiling

Impro con mi Suhr Classic T Custom y el Kemper Profiling

Fran Alonso: Rock On

Masahiro Aoki: Godspeed Vivix - G5 Project 2016 - Surge Official Guitar Playthrough

5 Project 5th Album "G5 2016" now available worldwide.
Get your copy now.
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G5 Project - Surge (G5 2016 Official Guitar Playthrough)

Yamato Masaoka: G5 Project 2016 - All In The Demon - Official Guitar Playthrough

G5 Project 5th album “G5 2016” 発売中。


//G5 Projectをフォロー

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G5 Project - All In The Demon (G5 2016 Official Guitar Playthrough)

Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee: "Funcraft By Night" | Time Stand Still

Before planes, trains, or buses, there was only one road companion that got Rush from show to show - the mighty "Funcraft".

Get "Rush | Time Stand Still" on DVD and Blu-ray:

"Funcraft By Night" | Time Stand Still

Kiko Loureiro: MEGADETH - Sold out concert in Argentina - Neuquén and Buenos Aires

The Dystopia World Tour finally arrives in Argentina, where we made amazing sold out concerts in Neuquén and Buenos Aires and had a lot of fun with the Argies.
With These videos, I wanna show you a little bit of life on the road, of what it's like living the dream of playing around the globe in the legendary band with great people and killer musicians.
Not only I have the chance to play in amazing cities, but Also we have the team to visit, enjoy and learn a lot about other cultures.
is not it the perfect job?
I hope you all enjoy and share the video.
Keep watching the channel for more videos from day to day MEGADETH on the road. 

Sold out concert in Argentina - Neuquén and Buenos Aires

Joe Pinnavaia: JTC Jam of the Month November 2016

Here's my take on the Rocking track that is here for November. Just using some simple tools:
Gibson SG
IPhone 6s front facing camera
Zoom iQ7 mic module
Mesa Boogie Mark IV
Pedals from the board for delay and verb
Thanks again for listening. I appreciate it!

JTC Jam of the Month November 2016 - Joe Pinnavaia

Daniel Purnomo: Angelo Guitar - Winter Wonderland - Live Music at Heirlooms Music, Singapore

Daniel Purnomo playing Angelo Guitar (owned by Bernard), a boutique art guitar by D.Purnomo Concept Guitar.
Find out more about D.Purnomo Concept Guitars at Heirlooms Music, Singapore.
Merry Christmas 2016!!!

Winter Wonderland - Live Music at Heirlooms Music, Singapore - Daniel Purnomo on Angelo Guitar