Sergey Golovin: Maps and Trails - Official Video

Greetings! Here is my new song “Maps and Trails”. It is been a while since I’ve made something more like a traditional guitar instrumental or even ballad. I was always prefer that kind of composing as combining main theme with harmony melodies as well as building various textures over it. As you can see, this composition is more likely for my debut than latter work, so it is hard to underline any influences;)

For recording I used Music Man Cutlass and Axis, clean&lead channels of Mesa Boogie Triaxis in conjunction with power amp 20/20, into Torpedo Live. As for pedals there were MXR Custom Comp and Smart Gate also post-processed with Yamaha SPX-90, Eventide H9, Lexicon MPX-1. Audio interface UAD Apollo Twin into Cubase 7.5.

Special thanks to Ian Lotoshinsky for video production and to EBMM and Grand Misteria for support.

Pick up the song here:
iTunes and others coming soon

Video produced by Ian Latoshinky:

Special thanks to: Ernie Ball Music Man, Grand Mystery, Mesa Boogie, Dunlop MXR, Eventide.

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Sergey Golovin - Maps and Trails (Official Video)