Rui Santos: Living Impressions - Alkaid (The Big Dipper)

Shani Kimelman: Alter Bridge - Brand New Start

Marty Friedman: Meets Metal Effector

Takayoshi Ohmura: Kemper Seminar 2017

Adunbee: Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold guitar cover

Bryan Baker: Sometimes The Wolf - Fourteen Studies for Solo Guitar and Wind (Physical Book)

Joop Wolters: Some 7 String Shred

Akihiko Onji: Two-Hand Tapping solo - Chick Corea - Spain

Kelly Simonz: Future Destination - From the Kelly Simon transcendental guitar seminar

Matt Powell: tribute to Richie Allan - The Heavy Metal Ninjas - Propulsion

Scott Gailor: BOSS WAZA Amp Head and 2x12 Cab - Full demo

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh: Live performance at the Whisky 2017

Mamoru Morishita: Song for Barry (The Brecker Brothers) 20th Oct 2017

Angel Vivaldi: demos Charvel Signature Prototype plus The Guitar Collective US/Canada Tour dates

Al Estrada: Suhr Alexa Multi-wave Dual Channel Analog Chorus

Wes Hauch: Test Drives Seymour Duncan Palladium and PowerStage 700

Plini: North American tour recap by Randy Edwards

Roy Marchbank: Phat Bhoy Pick Demo

Tosin Abasi: All Fingers and Double Thumb Picking

Alicia Marie: Epistrophy Jam - Improvising to Thelonius Monk’s “Epistrophy”

Samantha Fish: Blues From The Top 2016 series

Andrew Scott, Dan James Griffin: 4am - Drum Cover - HD

Naia Izumi: This is a love song to the woman that doesn't exist.

Arianna Powell, Pete Thorn: play the Suhr Alexa Chorus

Nori Bucci: Special live date with GAMALON

Jeff Loomis, Michael Amott: Arch Enemy - Debut New Music Video for Single, "The Race", Taken From "Will To Power" and Tour Dates

Adam Rafowitz, Adam Bentley, Joey Izzo : Arch Echo Tour Dates

t-cophony: 1015 refreshes - solo play 2017

Tomo Fujita: Phrase demo / E Major Scale / E B C#- A

Jude Gold, Jason Becker: These are the first two takes of a long recording session

Danny Bryant: Painkiller - The Beaverwood Club, Chislehurst 2017 classic blues

Jeremy Krull: "The Projects" solo section from Monday Night Jam 2017

Kostas Alexakis: Yngwie Malmsteen Style Solo Improvisation

Kiko Loureiro: Ray of Life - DV Mark Multiamp and DV Neoclassic 412 cabinet.

Ciro Manna, Federico Malaman: Practice session with Some Skunk Funk (Brecker Brothers)

Michael Abdow: New Album 2017 - E.S.O.

Guthrie Govan: Announces Clinic Dates for Europe

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Steve Howe: Rush Inducts Yes into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2017

Thomas Blug, Guthrie Govan : Thomas Blug's Rockanarchie - Walking on the Moon

Matthew Fackrell, Toby Peterson-Stewart: The Omnific | Objets de Vertu - Super Bass drive Trio

Shreddelicious: 2 million page view - The top 100 female musicians

Sean McKee: Strandberg Fusion 2017 model - demo

Dylan Reavey: .Strandberg* Guitar Competition 2017 - WINNER