Nick Johnston: Poison Touch - Tone Sessions

Mesa Artist Nick Johnston spent some time at the Mesa factory to capture some tones and video with various amps and songs from his latest album, Remarkably Human. His song “Poison Touch” is an excellent showcase for the dynamic, touch-sensitive potential of the Triple Crown’s Lo & Hi gain channels for expressive single-note playing. Nick moves effortlessly through barely clipped sections with softer attack, all the way into heavier snarl and grind… sometimes just with heavier-handed attack, and sometimes just with a slight volume increase on the instrument.

The Triple Crown TC-50 and TC-100 both offer a wide range of truly classic low and medium-gain crunch and solo tones, paired with the sweet articulation and three-dimensionality of Mesa circuits and quality components. The TC-100 adds width, punch and headroom to the already popular Triple Crown format with it’s 100 watt power section and big-iron transformers, while also expanding the range of use-ability into lower wattages and volumes via the Multi-Soak™ Power Attenuator. Attenuation from 3, 7, 20, & 50 watts means the TC-100 can be scaled to any playing environment or situation from quiet home-playing, recording, jamming or full-blown stadium rock and beyond.

Recorded with a Schecter Nick Johnston Traditional signature guitar with Schecter NJ Atomic pickups into the TC100 and a 2x12 Rectifier Vertical Slant cab with Celestion Vintage 30s. Mic’d with a Shure KSM313 and a Shure SM57 and mixed 45% KSM313 and 45% SM57 and 10% stereo room mic.

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Tone Sessions: Nick Johnston – TC-100 – “Poison Touch”