Jason Kui: Mark Five - Squeaky Switch Playthrough

Hong Kong-based Mesa Artist & Clinician Jason Kui captured this playthrough of the song “Squeaky Switch” from his latest album, Absence of Words.

Jason’s playing and the song is a great showcase of both the heavy potential of the Mark Five: 35 for modern high gain crunch and muted rhythm sounds, while also highlighting the signature, singing and sustaining single-note Boogie lead tone available from Mark Series circuits. The graphic EQ set to the ‘classic V’ does the heavy lifting for the tight-yet-full rock rhythm sounds in the Extreme mode, while the Mark IV delivers liquid gain and sustain for soaring solos. The EL-84 Dyna-Watt power section provides ample power for any size gig while also providing the ability to reduce the amps wattage to 25 and even 10 watts to suit a wide variety of playing situations from live gigging to recording and quieter home use.

Recorded with an Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty
with DiMarzio Illuminators for rhythm sounds and a Paul Reed Smith Private Stock
with 58/15s into the Mark Five: 35 Head and 2x12 Rectifier with Vintage 30 speakers. Mic’d with a Shure SM57 and an AKG C12 Condenser mic. Blended 50/50 between the two mics. Lead sound delay is the Soundtoys Echoboy plugin set to Echoplex.

Channel 2 Setting

Ch. 2 Rhythm
Extreme Mode
Gain – 7
Treble – 6
Middle – 6
Bass – 3
Presence – 6
Master – 2

Ch. 2 Lead
Mark IV Mode
Gain – 4.5
Treble – 5
Middle – 7
Bass – 5
Presence – 6
Master – 2.5

Our thanks to Jason Kui for the time, great song, and outstanding playing.
Jason’s new album Absence of Words is available in the US on Oct. 13th:

Special thanks to the Video Team for the outstanding capture:
Darren Chau
Andy Ng
Titus Chan

Drums by Anup Sastry

Tone Sessions: Jason Kui & Mark Five: 35 – “Squeaky Switch” Playthrough