Dave Weiner: garage sale, guitars, pedal and misc!

Gianni Rojatti: solo album previews

Alex Skolnick: europe live dates!

Frank Caruso, Gianluca Ferro, Stefano Sebo Xotta: 24 strings live!

Alex Masi: italian clinics footage!

Marty Friedman: italian clinic footage

James Byrd: gibson flying V up for grabs!

Prashant Aswani: crikey... blizzard by name and nature!

George Lynch: super v guitar... How Much!?!?!?!

Rick Graham: huge arpeggio thingy of awesomeness!

Hedras Ramos: jams with julio vale

News: absence shred off guitar challenge!

Chris Feener: the absence shred off guitar challenge!

Rick Graham: marco sfogli lesson!

Aaron Berg: recalls his GIT days back in 89-90 part 1

Tymon Kruidenier: the new shape of progressive fusionmetal

COMPETITION: Shred this - help is on the way with that key!

Simon Goldsmith: shred this!

COMPETITION: shred this! off to a great start!

John Petrucci: new dimarzio pickups!

Russ Parrish: satchel's crazy tweet stream!

Zakk Wylde: out of ozzy, but who's in?!!!!

News: infinite guitar joins twitter!

Yngwie Malmsteen, Jennifer Batten: webcast times

Subway Bandit: shred this competition entry

News: guitar fest being webcast tonight!

Robbert Hanenberg: more new video

Torben Enevoldsen: new show announced

Gus Drax: ex-nevermore shredder steve smyth to guest on new CD

News: shred guy records interview

David Shankle: insane lick!

Rob Chappers: gets interviewed about his signature ml1 guitar

Todor Peev: fender clean

Tom Quayle: I spy a new guitar... are you Suhr?

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