Subway Bandit: shred this competition entry

Rob Chappers says:
My friend the Subway bandit wanted to enter this competition, so I filmed him and let him use my channel....

He lives in my attic and sneaks down to play on my guitars when I am not around.... Damn that pesky Subway Bandit, I'm sure he's plotting against me...

Many thanks to Laurie Monk who is a legend ;-)


Rob Chappers goes on to says:
I told Laurie that I couldn't enter because it might put some of you guys off... But there is this guy that lives in my attic who calls himself the Subway bandit... and he wanted to enter, he forced me to film him and told me to put the video on my Youtube channel or he would sneak down at night and break my guitars....

so this is absolutely not me:
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Shred this - Truth In Shredding Competition by Subway Bandit