COMPETITION: Shred this! progress update

Toby Knapp: to release cd on shred guy records

Sam Bell: mask of judas post some demo tracks!

Yoger Mucci: master class clinic

George Bellas,Ron Thal: two guests for let there be rock

George Lynch: motorcity clinic

Sean Pirie: shred this with sweaty fingers!

Dallton Santos: 500 Miles High

MartinTrajanovski: blues rock shred this!

Shawn Lane: rice with angels 2003

Jad Nasr: jazzonazz shred this

Livio Lamonea: modern cd now at lower price

Steve Hubbard: shred this 3 the fusion strikes back

Daniele Liverani: ytse jam interview

Joe Stump: ytse jam interview

Phil Hilborne: Europe dates announced

News: boss portable PA system

News: boss eband audio player for guitarists

News: guitarworkshop discount extended

COMPETITION: Shred this! CLOSED.. yes really!

News: charango ninja

COMPETITION: Shred this! CLOSED almost