News: Playlist "Let there be Rock" - #32 November 3, 2009

Milan Polak: gewinne einen Marshall MG2FX!

Joe Satriani: wins classic rock best new band award!

Orianthi: Breaking viewing records

Fletcher Barton: 9 year old BOO!!!

Rob Chappers: buy the Monkeylord's CRAP!

Enver Izmaylov: trio... more monster two hand tapping

Ugur Dariveren: Milan's TRexx monster competition

Dan Logoluso: Milan's TRex monster competition

Jose Chacon: Milan's TRex monster competition

Angel Ruiz: Strings On Fire!

Fletcher Barton: 9 year old Strings on Fire!

Sloth Chubsteen: aka burned out golfer has Strings On Fire!

Prashant Aswani: Bernard Fowler Group

Inophis: Shanghaid in Shanghai!

05Ric: what the frak!

Katau Ohta: rising sun shreds!

Victor de Andres: last of the Mohicans