Joe Chawki: I have been working on some tracks recently...

Marcelo Barbosa: guitar lesson in Portuguese

Richie Kotzen: fooled again Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 6-11- 2009

Ayman Mokdad: Ouich!

Vinnie Moore: explicitly intensive interview

Michael Pearson: guitar improviser is fort hood victim, rip

Yngwie Malmsteen: new CD release date announced

Daniele Gottardo: The new CD gets a release date.

Julien Carayon: bt jamming

News: Gibson 7 string explorer

Fran Alonso: Strings On Fire

Richie Kotzen: the artist...

News: Virgin Media broadband woes: the fight back

Jeff Beck: Nessun Dorma

TD Clark: Shreddtime Stories new CD

Andy James,Jack Gardiner: shred this t-shirt gets a spin!

Artak: blinded by the light

Dave Baker: an undiscovered jem...

Joe Satriani: Larry DiMarzio interview

Rob Chappers: sticks man snapped up

Vladimir Maisiuk: Milan's TRex monster competition