Steve Vai: time machine back to 1984

Joe Stump: Voodoo Amps clinic dates

Yvi Wylde: Anti Shred Solo competition

Chris Poland, Sean Baker: signed for Heavy Metal Records Muzik Festival

Riccardo Solimena: jams with student Mario Quaranta

John Huldt: Elwood stand Musikmesse 2010

Alex Lifeson: Rush DVD and Blu-ray release of Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage

Andres Ludmer: variax put to the sword

Miguel Marques: anti shred competition

Ronnie James Dio: the Holy Diver passes away RIP...

Mika Tyyskä,Thomas Blug: Mr Fastfinger faces the Crossroads Demon

Jad Nasr: Telecaster custom shop 1997 N7 series

Daniele Liverani, Jason Becker: Meteor my tribute to Jason Becker

Rick Graham: lousy taste in shirts but awesome guitar tones... a match made in heaven!

Jean Fontanille: Master classes

Rusty Cooley, Andretti Medina: new band Day of Reckoning