Rusty Cooley, Andretti Medina: new band Day of Reckoning

Rusty Cooley:
I have a new band called Day of Reckoning. We are currently finishing up a 9 song demo. Here's the MySpace it's new and will be continuing to get updated everyday. We will also be adding full songs... It's been a while and it was a dark couple of years recovering from the break up of Outworld I never thought I would be putting another band together. But certain doors close so others can open and man not only has it opened the door was blown right off of the hinges!

The band is currently finishing a 9 song demo. We have already started to send it out and are getting great responces! We will be adding full songs soon and will keep the myspace updated on a regular basis so please keep checking back.

In other news I have two new instructional dvds scheduled for release on June 4, Arpeggio Madness 1 and 2 on Rockhouse Method!

The band features Andretti Medina currently from Öjebyn, Norrbottens län in Sweden, Matt Smith and Eric Lauer

Diary of the Wind music video (HD)

Victim of Your Own Creation Solo(HD)