Mika Tyyskä,Thomas Blug: Mr Fastfinger faces the Crossroads Demon

The Sensai of karate guitar Mika Tyyskä, aka Mr Fastfinger delivers some fleet fingered exercise and lets me know about an upcoming event including the German blues fusion master Thomas Blug.

Mika Tyyskä:
Me I've been busy getting ready for upcoming gig this friday in Raisio, Finland. It's a guitar concert night with Ben Granfelt band and Thomas Blug Band included on the list. Felt that it would be boring to rely on old stuff, so I composed new music. Over half of our setlist is new material. Indeed very exciting. And so is this: ""Mr.Fastfinger and the Crossroads Demon"". This series will be released on YouTube this week, 1 episode per day. First one out now. The animation was created to celebrate the finnish guitar competition: Kitarasankari. The guitar concert and the finals of the competition will be held in Raisio 21. - 22.5. 2010. This weekend!"

Mr. Fastfinger and the Crossroads Demon : Part 1/4 - First Temptation