Carina Alfie,Marcelo Roascio,Vernon Neilly: Guitarras on the rocks

Frank Gambale,Stuart Hamm,Victor Lafuente: Festival "raining cats and dogs"

Rob Chappers: appears at Bristol Guitar Show with the ML2

Charlie Hunter: learn the drums to be a guitar god!

Chon Kan Dee Suwan: slapping the plank

Marcos Dicaprio: Hybrid guitar technique fusion

News: ZC3 - 100% free Entrance!!! It's going to be great!!!

Maranhão: Tagima 2010

Eric Mantel: Win a Cort Guitar competitions!!!

Dimitar Nalbantov: shred knowledge interview

Eric Mantel: The Unstruck Melody CD

Saggese Francesco Antonio: gtarman tribute to Europe!

Jon Bloomer: blues my arse... I love to shred!!!

Daniele Tornaghi: tribute to Eric Johnson