Øystein Sollesnes: Tapping Wide Arpeggios (lesson)

Randy Scott: NAMM 2011 Gibson Demo

Olivier Castellat: Fusion shred groove

Jerome Dineen: fusion improv crap

Kosta Vreto: A New Tomorrow

Jeff Loomis: Greece, 27-3-2011

Michael Romeo: Russell Allen Symphony X Interview

Zakk Wylde: interview Gothenburg 2011

Eddie Van Halen: recording new album?

Jeff Loomis: Live in Novi 2011

Devin Townsend: new album release date, us tour and interview!

Ruggero Robin: compilation of jam sessions with the trio

Steve Morse: North American tour - gets an orchestra!

Elias Viljanen: Sonata Arctica @ Peek from the Pit

Grim Shit: Djent - Terminator Theme Metal - i'll be back... to shred!

Atanas Shishkov: Tom Anderson Drop Top Rock

Allan Marcus: Neon blue Strictly 7 custom Cobra

Pat McManus: Schijndel 2011 - top notch playing!

Olivier Castellat: spain improvisation

Duff McKagan: new studio album

Bub Zulu: Jean Paul Agnesod competition

Teo Ross, Bob Katsionis: Wicked Streets album cover details

Neil Zaza,Tomasz Andrzejewski: Poland tour dates

Michael Lee Firkins, Ronnie Montrose: tour dates

Lance Bowzer,Kyle Honea: djentalmen start your engines!

Lars Eric Mattsson: "Aurora Borealis" new CD pre order

Marcel Coenen: Sun Caged new album release date announced

Ivan Mihaljevic,Jesper Stotz: Unyielding Daydream

Chris Brooks: Melbourne masterclass

Marco De Cave: Wallimann Wah Competition

News: youngest guitar orchestra ever!!

Marco De Cave: waves no sunshine!

Kyle Honea: Welcome to the bass shredder

Alex Hutchings: Roland GR-55

Stephen Platt: Laney VH100R demo! Stunning tone

Fernando Soto: Conexiones

Reece Fullwood: Fragments

Berry Evers: Tangent Solo - Nu Jazz

Eloy Oliveira: All of Me

Joop Wolters: Black Rose handbuilt 50 watt 2 chanel tube-amp

Tenyu Nakamura: Bach Mock

Darius Wave: Guitar Control competition

Joe Satriani: God Is Crying Paris 2010

Carlo Losavio: original tune

Ignazio Di Salvo: two handed Fusion guitar.

Billy Connally: The Silent Canvas new CD

Ron Thal: Doe Of Metal interview

Marty Friedman,Jason Becker: Live in San Francisco - 2011

Greg Howe, Jason Becker: Live in San Francisco

Steve Lukather, Jason Becker: Live in San Francisco

Michael Lee Firkins,Jason Becker: Live in San Francisco

Jeff Watson,Jason Becker: "Picnic Island"

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet Festival "Auction"

Guthrie Govan: date in Istanbul

Michael Lee Firkins, Jason Becker: Live in San Francisco

Alex Lifeson: reschedule US tour dates

Tony MacAlpine: new face book group

Derek Sherinian, Joe Bonamassa: Black Country Communion 2

News: Wishbone Ash US tour dates

Brian May: to play live with Tangerine Dream!

News: Stong guitar picks

News: Hot Mod Your Guitar: Shielding

Marcos De Ros: Capricho Infernal

Tanabe Kouhei: guitar idol III

Mirko Piconese: guitar idol III

David Klinke: guitar idol III

News: Truth In Shredding recommends

Jason Becker: the flight home

Joe Satriani: Jason Becker not dead festival

Greg Howe: Kick it all Over LIVE!!

Gretchen Menn: Featured Artist

Bill Hudson: betcha can't play this

Joop Wolters: Lost from new album

BB King: live dates in the UK

Kosta Vreto: Wardrum promotion teaser

Elizabeth Schall,Courtney Cox: The Iron Maidens strike back

Marty Friedman, Jason Becker: Not dead yet festival - special appearance

Eric Gales: Memphis Blues Society - RedHouse

Ichirou Minami: tribute to Yngwie

Atanas Shishkov: "Tom Anderson Drop Top Rock"

Emit Hot Stand And Fight Solo guitar lesson

Jason Becker, Greg Howe: jet lag, what jet lag... flying on guitar!

Andreas Oberg,Martin Taylor: namm 2011

Ian Crichton: Saga Tour dates

Alex Masi: metal exiles interview

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G Firewind Euro Tour dates

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther Journey tribute

Steve Vai: world record guitar lesson

Glen Drover: classic rock revisited interview

Zakk Wylde: a Linea Rock interview

Yngwie Malmsteen: Please help the people of Japan

Devin Townsend: new album ghost details revealed

Jeff Loomis: euro clinic dates

Ron Thal: new private lessons via Skype

Michael Romeo: Symphony X Iconoclast covers

Pat McManus: Schijndel 2010

Keith Merrow: The Piscator

Dario Cortese: Brent Mason double stop lesson

Tony Waka: Rock And A Hard Place Impro

Mejdi Sulejmani: Ballad jam

Jason Becker: ebay custom guitar auction for Jason!

Bub Zulu: Dingle solo competition

Jack Zucker: Eastman El Rey guitarsnjazz

Floyd Fernandes: T Rex Workshop 2

Sam Bell: Distance

Daniele Gottardo: solo on upcoming release announced

Adam Steinz: Wallimann Wah Competition

News: Songs for Japan

Jason Becker: The flight