Emit Hot Stand And Fight Solo guitar lesson

Buy this lesson here for $2.90 - http://marketplace.live4guitar.com/guitar-lesson/stand-and-fight-soloLesson files include * Main video * 8 close up videos played slow and fast * 3 speed backing tracks * PDF and GP5 tab * Full song from the album with lyrics * Text description
This solo is taken from my latest solo album called "Sevdah Metal". It's a typical 80's and early 90's rock style solo with wide bends and vibrato. It can improve your rock phrasing, alternate picking and overall rock soloing vocabulary. You can hear influences from Tony Iommi, Kee Marcello, Brian May, Paul Gilbert. The solo was improvised in the studio so I had to re-learn it again for this lesson. Because of its free feel, it was very hard to tab all the phrasing 100% but it's 95% accurate. I got all the notes correct and you can feel free to phrase it your way.
If you buy this lesson, you will also get this full mp3 track with lyrics together with all other files mentioned above.