Glen Drover: classic rock revisited interview

Ryan: The album is almost an hour long. Did you try any other songs or was there anything left over?

Glen: No. Well, I shouldn’t say that because there were a few pieces that were left on the side, yes there was. But we didn’t have anything resembling a complete song, where we said ‘Nah we don’t want to include this’. Everything that we completed, we liked. The true test when you’re doing something is after a while if it sticks with you and you still like it, then that’s a good sign. I think that was also part of the reason why it took two and half years to complete, because it wasn’t worked on for two and half years. It was all very sporadic and laid back. It was all done in between other things or whenever we felt like doing it. As the song progressed slowly, I spent a lot of time listening to them. Not only listening to the progress, but also to see if I still liked the tune. I had to see if it was going to grow on me or not. I still liked the songs, even though it was a different picture later on as the songs progressed and once I started to really hear the potential of the song. Regardless, at the end of the day I still liked the songs and I felt that we should include them. full interview