Richard Hallebeek, Allan Holdsworth, Kiko Loureiro: European Summer Campus

Rafael Moreira: Baked Potato gets a flaming fusion roasting

Andy James: Metal Edge Soloing Techniques

Sloth Chubsteen: burning up his ibanez scalloped 7 string

Tosin Abasi: at the House Of Blues 2011

Dallton Santos: "Virtual Fusion" CD coming sooner!

Anthimos Manti: scarified

Leo Birzovitch: Try on a metal jacket

Pedro Molina: time for a ballad

Gianluca Ferro: Progressive Noise Live

Dhalif: Ernieball Musicman JP 6 BFR - oh you beauty!

Rick Graham: enter the lair of the beast! Studio tour alert!

Jason Becker: Nothing can stop Jason Becker!!!

Nicolas Waldo: Michael Jackson Black or White!

Sydnei Carvalho,Juninho Afram: Master Class

Tom Quayle: Sinus infection puts pay to Romania clinic gig... much apologies all round!

Marty Friedman: DEUCE 1978 - 1980

Rick Graham: A beast of a new guitar :)

Christian Muenzner: special deal on new solo CD

Jimi Mitchell: The Intimidator new CD

Guthrie Govan: special deal for USA guitar fans and Guitar Player Magazine!

Milan Polak: T-Rex Reptile 2 demo

Darryl G Luma: String Insanity 2011

Tony Waka: String Insanity 2011

Reece Fullwood: String Insanity 2011

Cameron Barton: String Insanity 2011

Frank Gambale: Return to Forever IV

Paul Gilbert: metal assault interview

Marty Friedman: Live in Sofia, Bulgaria 2011