Jason Sadites, Alex Machacek: working on new CDin, Alex Machacekworking on a new CD

News: The Wang-Off Guitar Shred Competition Nov. 6th 2011!

Alexander Pozdnyakov: first guitar idol live finalist announced

Mariusz Slowinski: Neung Vinai Alive GuitarSolo Competition

Arnaldo Garcia: Neung Vinai Alive GuitarSolo Competition

Pedro Molina: Neung Vinai Alive Guitarsolo Competition

Fran Alonso: Neung Vinai Alive Competition

Fabiano Rodriguo: Neung Vinai Alive GuitarSolo Competition

Hussein Haddad: Jason Becker - Perpetual Burn

Fred Brum, Rob Chapman: Nebula

Tony Spinner: new releases on Grooveyard records

Ignazio Di Salvo: A night of Change

Lita Ford,Gary Hoey: Hoey to appear on Lita Ford tour

Jamie Humphries, Lyle Watt: jam session

Olaf van Dijk: cool tones from his ozfuzz

Chris Duarte: “Blue in the Afterburner”

Tom Richardson: Proto Cosmos Jam

news: Times are getting hard - tour bus and stage united.

Mike Varney: Happy Birthday

Simon Goldsmith: Random Jam

Brian May: supports Jason Becker

Mike Campese: Shred Knowledge interview

Kaki King: US tour dates

News: Rock n' Load, A collection of hard rocking guitar based instrumental tracks

Jason Becker: special goodies for the Amsterdam show

German Schauss: String Skipping Arpeggio Lick

Atma Anur: Jason Becker Fest Diaries #12

Einar Grønbekk: Soon

Lyle Watt: Gear Tour

Richie Kotzen: full live show

Javier Reyes: Animals As Leaders guitar player interviewed

Marques Junior,Diego Telles: Expomusic 2011 - Shred in Blues

Vinai Trinateepakdee: Move the sky

Socrates: Júpiter

Jason Becker: Jim Dunlop donate to the charity auction