Mike Campese: Shred Knowledge interview

THE INTERVIEW with Mike Campese

Shred Knowledge - Hey Mike What's up my man? Hey bro! Great to hear from ya!!

Mike Campese - Hey man! How's it going! Great to hear from you too!

Shred Knowledge - I was checkin' out your MySpace and New Offical Website page and I like what I see & hear… Tell us about your New Album Electric City.

Mike Campese - Yes, "Electric City" is my latest Cd, it is my 7th solo album. "Electric City" is defiantly a little heavier and more shredding than my previous releases. There is a lot of melodic stuff as well, I like to mix it up and make each Cd different from another.

Shred Knowledge - I also hear some kool musical influences too. Give our readers an idea of what you were listening to growing up thru high school and beyond…

Mike Campese - My first main influence was Black Sabbath. I was also into Dio, Ozzy, Al Di meola etc. As I was progressing as a guitarist I started getting into classical music and I was really into Paganini. I really like violin music, maybe because my Dad was a violinist. I was also listening to Yngwie, Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Deep Purple and more and I was also into James Brown. I really like Jimi Hendrix and Fusion type music, Funk and I like Blues. I'm open to all kinds of music, I even listen to Indian music. I'm sure there is a lot of names I left out. full interview