Jason Sadites, Alex Machacek: working on new CDin, Alex Machacekworking on a new CD

Jason has been hard at work writing and recording music for his new project! Tracks have already been completed with guest performances by Marco Minnemann, Tony Levin and Alex Machacek. To be ale to continue to finance the project Jason is offering anyone interested in the opportunity to make a donation towards the new project before it is complete. The way it will work is anyone donating will automatically receive a copy of the new project (which will be available as a digital download only) when it is complete sometime in 2012. As a bonus for helping out you will also receive a gift certificate in the Sadites.com webstore to purchase existing products (i.e CD's, Downloads, T-Shirts etc.). The donation table works as follows:

DONATION SIZE Gift Certificate Amount

$20 $10 + download of new project
$30 $20 + download of new project
$40 $30 + download of new project
$50 and up $40 + download of new project

Gift certificates will be mailed out within 24 hours of receiving a donation. All proceeds will be used to pay world class musicians to contribute sessions to the project! Donations can be made by clicking the button below..thank you kindly in advance to all who help out!

donate http://www.sadites.com/donate.html

East Amplification Club 18 Demo with Jason Sadites