Lee Ritenour, Joe Bonamassa: 2012 Crown of the Continent Guitar Workshop and Festival

Marcel Coenen: Guitar Talk limited edition with added bonus track of “Six String Souffle”

Lars Eric Mattsson: Book Of Reflections - Relentless Fighter

Rusty Cooley: The History of Rusty's guitars

Scott Mishoe: back in the groove.

Saggese Francesco Antonio: tests Washburn XM 12

Adam Nolly Getgood, Petey Graves: Red Seas Fire - Malta Trip

Joe Bonamassa: Driving Towards The Daylight Official

Phil Emmanuel, Tommy Emmanuel: Irish And Scottish Medley 2001

News: Anna Calvi selects winner of the 2012 Shure Songwriting Award, supported by BMI

Ola Englund: grabs the lead for Six Feet Under

Derryl Gabel: available for Skype lessons

Joop Wolters,Erik van Ittersum: Palpatine rehearsals.

Ron Thal: Dash - Bumblefoot

Tom Quayle: May Day.. time for some free help with that tricky II-V-I Progression

John Brown,Olly Steele: Monuments sign to Century Media Records

Ron Thal: the bevy of babes is nothing to do with me...

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart: announce a festival show in Sweden!!

Craig Goldy: Dio Disciples Euro Tour Dates