Guthrie Govan,Daniele Gottardo,Salvatore Russo: Announced for Eddie Lang Jazz Festival 2012

The Eddie Lang Jazz Festival also in 2012 the Seminar Music for jazz training, combined with the usual schedule of concerts by internationally recognized value, that will be encountered in the week from July 30 to August 5, 2012. The courses, conducted byNicola Cordisco, will take place on the premises of the castle of Monteroduni Pignatelli,and provide an educational program as follows

Jazz Guitar: Alessio Menconi Pasquale Grasso (Assistant: Simone Pace)
Gypsy Guitar: Salvatore Russo
Fusion Guitar: Guthrie Govan Daniele Gottardo Daniele Gottardo II (Assistant AndreaAntonilli)
Learn the Violin Making: Richard Mordeglia
Saxophone / Flute / Clarinet: Louis Grasso (Assistant: Jordan Carnival)
Battery: Luca Santaniello
Plan: Massimiliano Coclite
Laboratory Analysis and Musical Listening: all teachers
Laboratories of Ensemble: all teachers
Laboratory Music for Brass. Mauro Ottolini NOT MISS OUT! for all other information have a look at the link.