Jess Lewis: 'Get It Like That' by The Aristocrats

Over the last year or so we have witnessed some incredible Jess Lewis releases. With her latest release, 'Get it Like That' by Guthrie Govan's band The Aristocrats, she raises the bar even further....and she is still only 18 years old! This track totals 13 pages of TAB and is arguably one of the most difficult tracks on the album to play. Her performance of the track is so impressive and her technique is flawless.
This download comes with the official Aristocrats backing track as well as the usual video, track and 13 pages of TAB and Notation. It is available for just £4.99 and the extremely kind Aristocrats gents have agreed to split their % of the sales with Jess, to help support her young yet very exciting career.

Check out the quote by the band at the end of the video!

So sit back and enjoy this superb performance and then get downloading and get learning!

Jess Lewis 'Get It Like That' by The Aristocrats