Dino Fiorenza: Markbass artist has a new Bass tapping book!

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: came here to jam on a Guthrie Govan Backing track

Guthrie Govan :Recording 'The Holy Drinker'

Timo Somers,Barend Courbois: to appear as part of Phil Lynott and Gary Moore tribute tribute

Greg Howe, Stu Hamm,Dennis Chambers: amazing Dennis Chambers - the engine room at work!

Paul Wardingham, Andy James: lined up for some brutal solo work

News: Metallica take ownership of their masters

Yossi Sassi: Drive (HD clip)

Zakk Wylde: Shaw TV interview

Mike Orlando,Mike Portnoy: Special Omertá in production

Hussein Haddad: plays Gustavo Guerra's Memories

Andy James: SMT announce Out Of The Darkness

Dave Sharman: announces upcoming release

Samuli Federley: 8 String Amfisound SF signature model