Dino Fiorenza: Markbass artist has a new Bass tapping book!

Dino Fiorenza: Markbass artist
Italian Markbass artist Dino Fiorenza shares his tapping expertise in a new Italian-language instructional book/CD called "Tap Me Up," published in Italy by Carisch.

The book presents all the concepts and techniques of tapping on electric bass. It's a creative method---unconventional, complex, progressive and experimental. It will take you step by step, through all the details of this fascinating technique, starting from the basics and progressing to more complex applications, including "melodic shred." This method is sutable for anyone from beginner to advanced. Included are 200 exercises, more than 100 tracksand 2 demo tracks in the original play-along CD.


Check out the awesome tapping work

Tap me up