Gary Moore: appears on children's show No 73

Thiago Larenttes: Pulsing from Heartbeat

Rick Graham: Hybrid Legato - slick lick

Adam Moore: #MayonesDuncan competition

Jake Hertzog: motivic development

Ben Wilshire: #MayonesDuncan competition

Tom Richardson: Metal Riffing

Miroslav Mirosavljev: Greasy Rhythm

George Puleo,Bruce Brucato: Gamalon - Red and Orange 2002

Emiliano Zapata: "Ultimo Camino" from upcoming album

Morten Faerestrand: Mixo #4 From 4th String

Larry Mitchell,Bernie Williams,Gil Parris: Tech 21 NAMM line up

Matt Moliti: Dark Empire - melodic tapped solo

Marcel Coenen: OSV Project - stunning progressive original

Tom Quayle: announces Matrix Amplification appearance NAMM

Dimitar Nalbantov: demos Amplitube Marshall® JCM Slash

Nicolas Waldo: #MayonesDuncan competition with RC7X Wraith

Robbert Hanenberg: #MayonesDuncan lmelodic tapped arpeggios to he max!

News: Dean Guitars unveils 2013 Collection with "Live from NAMM"

Franck Hermanny: Jewel - Marty Friedman/Jason Becker stunning bass version

dUg Pinnick, Eric Gales,Thomas Pridgen: PGP release date

Riccardo Gioggi,Michael Manring: A Theory Of Dynamics - Digital Nations

McKlaud: #MayonesDuncan comeptition

Jeff Healey: As The Years Go Passing By CD/DVD special series

Damjan Pejcinoski: two new lesson available from Live4Guitar

Alvin Lee,Jimmy Herring: The Lee Boys - Testify CD

Allen Hinds,Michael Landau: Akira Jimbo -Mind Scope new CD

Richard Hallebeek,Alex Machacek,Guthrie Govan,Greg Howe: available at Abstract Logix