Thorsten Praest: GUT play Beat it - the fusion version

Pedro Molina: Cesar Huesca and Ibanez solo competitions

Fayeed Tan: French Guitar Contest 2

Dave Weiner: Win Dave's Ibanez LACS "OnRevolute" 7 String

Oleg Olzov: Suhr Funk Unity improvisation

Alex Hutchings: Close Your Eyes - Filmed in Tokyo 2013

Marko Miljkovic: French Guitar Contest 2

Luke Dickinson: waves of shred competition

Richie Kotzen: All Along The Watchtower solo Mexico City 2013

Captain Maus: Two hands on 30 fret guitar - doubled

Al Joseph: Guitar Solo for infinite guitar

Jeff Loomis: Groovey.TV interviews

Scott LePage,Tim Henson: Polyphia - Bach Concerto No. 1 in D Minor

Travis Levrier,Chris Letchford: Scale The Summit - The Migration - Official Album Teaser

Frank Caruso,Andy Ringoli: Thunder Rising featuring Mark Boals

Scott LePage,Tim Henson: Polyphia - Inspire - EP

Tony Martinez: demoing Axe fx II first preset and Suhr.

Tony Iommi: Black Sabbath US tour dates

Timo Somers: Delain set to support Within Temptation

Vanny Tonon,Giuliano Poles: The Fanatic Tourist Of Love - dedicated to Jason Becker

Tom Richardson: Waves of Shred competition

Pablo Aguirre: Waves Of Shred competition

Sebastian Salinas: Waves Of Shred competition

Marco Sfogli: Mark World Special Event announced

Chris Bieniek: Economy/ Sweep Picking Lick

Peter Banks: Final Guitar Tracks Featured On Days Between Stations New CD 'In Extemis'

Juan Moran: Demo's Godin Redline 3 + Schaller bridge

Aaron Marshall: Intervals - Epiphany

Brett Stine,Eddie Head: The Fake Facebook likes targetsHaji's Kitchen

Takayoshi Ohmura: Guitar Lesson 16

Allan Marcus: True Temperament .Strandberg* Boden 8 - spanked hard!

Sebastian Salinas: Guitar Messenger Solo Competition

Dhalif Ali: Guitar Messenger Solo Competition

Arthur Queiroz: Wins Concurso Cultural Santo Angelo