Fred Brum: - BKP Juggernauts - F.A.B. - another classy play through

Nicole Papastavrou: Gojira "Clone" Guitar

Akihiko Onji: Allan Holdsworth Countdown Solo - 8 finger tapping version - more incredible playing

Irene Ketikidi: xmas present bundle with FREE shipping to any country in the world!

Jan Laurenz: new composition in G Sharp

Alex Machacek: Pentatonic Concepts Performance

Jack Gardiner: Spain Improvisation Practice

Marcus Jidell: Huldra - Pictures From A Time Traveller

Laurie Monk: Movember ends - Thanks to Truth In Shredding Movember crew!

Thomas Blug: Tone World - An Evening with Thomas Blug & Trevor Wilkinson - make a date!

Timo Tolkki: AvalonBlog I - Composing the Songs - second Avalon album

Alex Machacek: Oscar's Guitar Shop talks to Alex Machacek

Toby Knapp: Archives Of Magick new CD

Ian Crichton: Saga - Canadian fundraiser for the typhoon disaster in the Philippines

Jon Gomm: guest lesson - Fret hand tapping

Michael Angelo Batio: 2013 Le Hai Wei Shanghai Exhibition wonderful musical review

George Lynch: to work on the Penance Lane soundtrack