Thorsten Praest: plays the guitar solo from "Bis der Arzt kommt"!

Andy James: Infiltrate The System - Custom Metal 3

Rick Graham: Improvising in E Lydian

Roberto Restuccia: JTC Jam of the month - september

Jimmy Lardner-Brown: 'Initiation... Addiction' - track from solo album

Luigi Rinaldi: Bach, extract from "Prelude in C minor"

George Lynch: Throwback Thursday From the MI Vault 10/20/2005

George Greaves, Lee Luland, Brian Maillard, Morgan Reid, Benjamin Ellis, Pablo Romeu, Sam Birchall,Akihiko Onji: JTC Contest 2015 Finalists Solo Collaboration

Claus Levin: Fast Neo Classical Run - With Tabs

Eric Calderone: Hitman Meets Metal

Brett Stine: joins Derek Taylor with Swiss Picks - Endorsement

Stacey Douglas: The Skies Are Ours ICOSA - tech metal from London

Martin Miller: In Flight Guitar Solo for VSAK