Robert Ritchiesse: Unidentified Legato Object

Jakko Jakszyk: Kemper Artist Talk - live rig

Keith Whalen: the wailing Facebook Guitar Licks (compilation)

Adam Ironside: 2 Steps to Holdsworth's Legato

Rick Graham: Peter Piper Picked A Pattern of Pentatonics - Shred Training Lesson

Chris Brooks: the Fives Turnaround for position shifting at speed.

Francesco Fareri: Universal Collision [Album Preview]

Richard Lainegard: Evening Noodle on Fibenare Erotic Dalmat and Torpedo Live

Attila Vörös, Chris Amott: Scar VII - Strength Of Will coming in December 2016.

Ciro Manna: Time Warp Solo Sessions!

Fredrik Thordendal, Mårten Hagström: Clockworks - Meshuggah promo video from the new album

Dave Davidson: Crumbling Imperium - Soloing in Odd Meters

PJ d'Atri: The Interview - September 2016 - discusses upcoming albums, live performances and more

Goriku Mamoru: super weakness by Osaka MI University teacher!

Rick Graham: Kadinja - guest solo for upcoming album

Jason Sadites: Conspicuous Absence - Godin Summit Classic P90 - Seymour Duncan Vintage SP90-1

John Huldt: MC Systems Dynamic Delay Demo

Andre Noronha: Racing Solo and promo video from the new album

Ulisses Miyazawa: Star Fleet - Brian May/Eddie Van Halen - look what happens when you do justice to the cover!

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart: Rush | Time Stand Still and a whole bunch of other Rush goodness

Red Frandany: Witchblade - Walk Alone

Jason Becker: is making a new album. Be a part of it!