Tomáš Raclavský,Radim Vládek,Petr Hataš: Modern Day Babylon - Infinity, Falls - live in Paris 2016 by Digital Fufux

Ranjit Barot, Gary Husband, Mohini Dey: El Hombre Que Sabia

PRS: Guitars December Guitar or the Month Celebrates Artistry and Nature

America Paz, Eduardo Sitjà: jamming Pulsar 2016

Panos Arvanitis: demonstration of improvisation licks

Atanas Shishkov: "Supernatural Fusion" - MAMA pick-ups

Josh Kay: "Quintessential Isolation" Tapping Sequence

Martin Miller: An End in Itself - Live @ Off the Road Studios

Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Victor Wooten: Return To Forever & Mahavishnu Orchestra 12/09/16 Blue Note, NYC

Alex Lifeson: Medlock, Krieger and Lifeson

Robin Trower, Sam Bell: jammin with the master

Kaz Horie: Kiesel Guitars - - Aries A6 Guitar Demo - Japanese

Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead - Embrace Entropy - upcoming album Entropy - Of Chaos And Salt

Eric Calderone: Star Wars - The Force Theme/Rogue One Meets Metal

Bruce Bouillet: Racer X tapping lick from "Heart of a Lion"

Lin: abstracts - City Lights - Strictly 7 Guitars Cobra Custom7

Jerry Rosenkrans: Graveless Studios - Riffage