Daniele Liverani, Simon Ciccotti: Worlds Apart- Guest Simon Ciccotti

Zack Brannon: Very last minute but here it is! My entry into #kieselsolocontest2019

Clément Durin: The Endless Dream - The Epic FFX Medley Part 2 Guest Solo

Jeff Loomis: Plumes First Impression - EarthQuaker Devices

Mamoru Goriku: Demonstration at Bigboss Hiroshima

Tora Dahle Aagård: Best Guitar Practices of Toradaa from 2019 Video

Juan Antonio: Allan Holdsworth, Olivier Messiaen's 3rd Mode of Limited Transposition.

Chelsea Constable: La Grange - ZZ Top/Billy Gibbons Outro Solo

Julian Lage: "Lullaby" (Official Video)

Nikki Stringfield: "Harmonies For The Haunted" Track Reveal #incoming

Marty Friedman: Bus Invaders Ep. 900

Nita Strauss: Bus Invaders Ep. 1405

Jen Majura: Coffee with Ola - Jen of Evanescence

Ironbunny: Shotaro Morikubo Presents Ironbunny's Rock Rocker Rockest

Nita Strauss : Coffee with Ola - Nita Strauss of Alice Cooper

Christoph Kemper: The Captain Meets Christoph Kemper

Lari Basílio: Redeemed - Seymour Duncan Five-Two Strat Set

Nagisa: Sakanaction's “Arc Around” four girls, one guitar!

Jacky Vincent: Soul Shines Through | Playthrough |

Thorsten Praest, Greg Howe, Adrian Weiss, Benjamin Schippritt: Thorsten Praest‘s first solo album "DRIVEN“

George Marios: Pulse with tab!

Mitch Perry: in the studio laying down a guitar lead on a song titled "In the Morning"

Tom Quayle, Sammy Boller: The ULTIMATE shred off.

Gavin Iedema: Black Angel - song from third album Undeadman.

Adam Bentley: Sampling the New "Archetype: Nolly" by Neural DSP

Marina Krupkina: 2nd album is coming! crowdfunding begins! - English Subtitles

Iree: 아이리 Jack Thammarat - Falling in love again

Lari Basílio: Far More Album GEAR: GNI Music - English Subtitles

Brian Carroll: The History of Buckethead's Guitars

Joe Basílio: Kiesel Solo Contest 2019 - #kieselsolocontest2019

Marcos Mena, Kynwyn Sterling: Standards - new cool shirt merch

Tim Pierce: I Spent Decades on These 10 Guitar Tips

Jay Leonard: Can These Amp Designers Pick Out Their Own Amps? - #42gsone

Alex Hutchings: Syntax Error First Impressions

Paul Gilbert: Behold Electric Guitar Tour - Toronto June 1, 2019

Michael Schetter: Chronosthesia - will be released in CD

Nikki Stringfield: Harmonies for the Haunted - Debut EP pre order

Jack Lue: Guns N' Roses' 1st Photographer - Appetite for Distortion

Aaron Marshall: Intervals - Live 2017 - A38 Rocks

John 5: Play This Now

Roopam Garg: Slowfield by The Surrealist

Sergey Golovin: Satellite new album preorder

Jakub Żytecki, Fredrik Thordendal: Nothing Lasts, Nothing's Lost new album preorder

Kiko Shred: The new album from South America's ultimate shred master

Samantha Fish, Joe Bonamassa: 2nd annual Keeping The Blues Alive At Sea II Mediterranean Cruise 2020

Gabriel Pietrzak, Morgan Thomaso, Adam Rafowitz: Visenya - Proxima