Marina Krupkina: 2nd album is coming! crowdfunding begins! - English Subtitles

Marina Krupkina
Dear friends! In November 2019 I start my second album recording. The LP is coming out in the end of November / 1st days of December.
You can support my second album recording by making a CD pre-order OR by purchasing a cup with logo + the album in wave format, a keychain with logo + album in wave format, a sticker with logo + album in mp3 format OR 2CDs (1st album + 2nd album). I will send everything you pre-order now, one or two weeks before the official release of the album. The pre-order price is much lower than it will be after the album will be released. Thank you for all the support!

The prices are 10-20$ (including the delivery)
To learn the exact price of what you choose and to make the pre-order, contact me via e-mail:

If you are willing just to help with a small donation (1-9$), you can send it with this direct PayPal payment link:

LIsten to my 1st album here:
("But Does It Djent" (2018) LP)
YouTube Music: