Paul Gilbert: Behold Electric Guitar Tour - Toronto June 1, 2019
The amazing Paul Gilbert Tour hit Toronto Canada for it's only Canadian date and I was there front and ...slightly left...
I was only able to get half the show as my battery died.
What an utterly amazing show! They played for 1 1/2 hours. The joy they got from playing projected into the crowd. What energy! A special shout out to the guys (and gal) standing behind Paul. That band is TIGHT!!
I hung out after the show and chatted with Bill & Timmer and managed to get an autographed set list!

Paul Gilbert - Lead guitar
Emi Gilbert - Keys
Bill Ray - Drums
Timmer Blakely - Bass

Setlist for the full show: (*** = in the video)
Blues For Rabbit ***
Havin' It ***
Green Tinted ***
Rocky ***
Let That Battery Die***
(2,3,4...) Everywhere Mary
Sir , You Need to Calm Down
I Own a Building
A Herd of Turtles
Every Snare Drum
Fly By Night ***
Bungalow/ Gently Weeps ***
Life's Been Good
Still I'm Sad
Things Can Walk to You
Love Is the Saddest Thing

Paul Gilbert - Behold Electric Guitar Tour - Toronto June 1, 2019