Thorsten Praest, Greg Howe, Adrian Weiss, Benjamin Schippritt: Thorsten Praest‘s first solo album "DRIVEN“

A short teaser of Thorsten Praest‘s first solo album "DRIVEN“. The album was released in July 2019 and features performances of Greg Howe, Adrian Weiss and Benjamin Schippritt.

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1.Driven 04:20
2.Frizzled 07:29
3.Separate Ways 05:31
4.Wrong Turn 05:57
5.Mai Lin (feat. Greg Howe) 07:32
6.Black Flowers 05:29
7.What if 07:40
8.Growing Away 06:05
9.Mortal Wombat 04:04
10.Bonehead (feat. Adrian Weiss + Benjamin Schippritt) 10:01
The 1st solo album of German guitarplayer Thorsten Praest, featuring performances of GREG HOWE, Adrian Weiss and Benjamin Schippritt.
released June 20, 2019

Thorsten Praest - guitar, keyboard, compositions
Ulf Stricker - drums
Slawek Semeniuk - bass
all rights reserved

A short live trailer of THORSTEN PRAEST ans his band; Thorsten Praest - guitar; Slawek Semeniuk - bass, Ulf Stricker - drums; recorded live at R25 Düsseldorf on June 14th 2019; video by Urs Wolf.