Roopam Garg: Slowfield by The Surrealist

by The Surrealist

"I’m excited to announce the release of “Slowfield”, a new single that was a collaboration between Austin Rockman and myself. This is so far the most different, intimate, and experimental track I’ve worked on. In this track, you will hear no time but will feel subtle pulses. You will hear no sections but will feel a subtle guided development. You will hear no chords but will feel subtle tonal shifts. You will be traveling without moving. Austin Rockman's music, to me, is a study of detail, subtlety, granularity, and psychology. He is one of my main influences. The level of self-restraint and fine-tuning in his work is inspiring. You will hear it in Slowfield. Every tactile inflection you’ll hear was a conscious decision. I hope it resonates with you. Thank you for listening."

— Roopam Garg

"Slowfield. This piece all started about a year ago, the result of a late night improvisation. I had filed it away unsure if I would revisit. My roommate at the time and close friend Roopam Garg heard the piece and insisted upon its completion. He worked meticulously to blend his guitar with the melody, restructuring and layering as needed. It is thanks to him that this piece, after much time, is greeting the world. I believe that this piece marked a defining moment in my... more
released September 12, 2019

Taylor Deupree

Ian Hodgson

Roopam Garg
Austin Rockman