Fred Brum, Francesco Filigoi: Frozen Soul - Randall RD5 playthrough - new album on the way

Fred Brum: talks about Aristides 070 Instrument - yes a 7 string!

Fred Brum: Ryūjin - Taurus Stomphead 4 HG / Zebu delay and reverb

Fred Brum: the Atonement is in the beard

Fred Brum: I tend to favour cats - puts the hardest questions

Fred Brum: extended range guitar masterpiece available on bandcamp

Fred Brum: a real work of art!

Fred Brum: X Machina the secret of Polish Power

Fred Brum: New track - Stranded - .strandberg* #28 8-string

Fred Brum: Atonement - Strandberg / Leqtique Booth Musikmesse

Fred Brum: Transcendence - Oakland Axe Factory 8 - GAS personified

Fred Brum: ViK Guitars - Duality 8B Musikmesse 2008

Truth In Shredding: The Musicians Musikmesse 2013

Fred Brum: Musikmesse pedal board

Per Nilsson,Ola Englund: Strandberg Guitars - Musikmesse stand will be rocking!

Ola Englund, Per Nilsson, Allan Marcus, Fred Brum: Randall Musikmesse Frankfurt 2013!

Fred Brum: Rocktron G300 - Frozen Soul

Martin Miller,Jack Gardiner,Fred Brum, Per Nilsson,Sarah Longfield: and more .strandberg* booth at Winter NAMM 2013

Fred Brum: Randall booth NAMM 2013

Fred Brum: Laney Ironheart Studio - Vortex