Fred Brum: I tend to favour cats - puts the hardest questions

Can I still play the Strictly 7 Ola Englund signature comfortably if I'm not a 6 foot 6 blonde viking giant?
You can. It's a large guitar in spite of being comfy, so careful if you're a small dude like me! Haha!

Is fan and subscriber interaction very important for a musician?
I can't say generally as I don't speak on behalf of all musicians. To me, it is crucial - feedback, having a nice community, and being able to chat with the fans are a big part of all this for me. I am not keen on turning the artistic process into some hermit-like state!

what percentage of your fans are male
The majority for sure, although I do have a surprising number of female fans. Guitar stuff tends to be far more of a hose fest! Haha!

Are you going to live in Portugal for the rest of your life?
No idea. It boils down to opportunity, and said opportunities being in places both the mrs. and I can relate to.

hii hi i luv your music !!! ^___^
Thank you very much! :)

Needs more 1's, even though I appreciate your aggressive chugging of open strings!

How do you promote yourself on social media without nude pics?
I simply present my work and have many kind enough to spread the word. There are no big secrets - simply be a nice guy, show your stuff around, interact with the community without the express purpose of selling stuff, and do NOT spam random groups.

Have you ever had long hair?
Yes, for about 7 years. Got fed up with it and cut it short ages ago.

How many hours do you spend on the computer a day? How many of those is work?
Most of the time is work. Need the computers to record, communicate and obviously to code with. All in all. It's something like 12 hours a day or more, 90% of which is work related if not more.

What is your beard to cat ratio?
The Beard to two cats.

geez your questions are pretty civil for an account ...or maybe youre ignoring all the bad ones
Not really having to ignore stuff thus far, but time will tell, I suppose.#

Do you think the benefits that the internet gives to musicians far surpasses the problem of piracy and illegal downloading?
For independent musicians, unquestionably yes, and not because of piracy, but because of the almost impossibility of promoting your stuff abroad without a LOT of money to invest. Piracy itself is wrong, but it was pretty inconsequent in the past - you'd have tapes flying around and when peeps really dug the music and wanted the full quality thing they'd buy the album. Nowadays, you go to random torrent site and get the full resolution FLACs ripped from the CD and the artist sees nothing.

I don't care about the woes of the big record corporations, but whenever an independent artist has his work distributed that way, budget for the next album goes down, money for touring goes down, and it is not infrequent for an artist's work to be shut down due to lack of funds for that reason. Shame, but it's reality.

Would you buy an acoustic 7 or 8 string?
Of course I would! Fell in love with an Emerald guitars acoustic 7 the other day, but alas it isn't for sale. :(

Do you think instrumental metal is very limited compared to metal with vocals? Do you sometimes struggle to create new instrumental tracks?
No, not really - the challenge for me is to keep a track interesting regardless of vocals or not (I really wish vocals would magically make all songs interesting, but alas...). The one potential limitation would be a hummable melody, which you can produce with any instrument, and it's up to you to find a melody you feel is just right. I don't tend to struggle to have ideas in that aspect, to be honest!

What is the greatest all around guitar you've played? The one you would keep if you couldn't afford any others?
No idea, to be honest. I'd need to keep an 8 for sure, which narrows things down as it is, but having to choose among them would be supreme torture.

What was the biggest show you ever played?
Session stuff, 15k people or around that I believe, festivals excluded, as I have no clue of how many were there to see the artist I was with or not.

Do you have an axe fx?
Yeap. I own an Axe FX Standard.

would you go gay for pay
No. I am a heterosexual - how would I magically change my sexual orientation to something it isn't? Not even mentioning selling my body like that, which is against all I stand for.

How do you feel about Bandcamp so far?Very good. The service works very well, fees aren't outrageous, and whatever payment I must do is transparently explained by the company. Also, and quite heartwarmingly so, I noticed the following facts:
- 10% of people downloading the album have contributed and chose to pay for it;
- factoring out fees charged per paid download, the average donation is around the sale price on my site, slightly higher in fact;
Also, more than 35% of on-site listens are integral. I feel really, really happy for this. :)

You are beautifull man , how do i marry ??
You don't as I'm married for all purposes! Thanks for the compliment, though - you're too kind! :)

Have any tattoos?
Yes, I do - more coming later this year if all goes according to plan!

Have you ever been on tour?
Quite a few times! It's par for the course when you work as a musician, especially with the "hired gun" live sessions factored in. :)

Will you do your own mixing and mastering for the next album?
No - I find that I prefer the distance and objectivity a proper producer / engineer will have regarding the songs, not to mention the obvious competence a skilled professional will have which far exceeds mine!

Maybe a personal question but how much money did you earn from your solo album? Is it enough to break even?
The album, contrary to my every expectation, broke even before it was out on preorders for the CD alone. It was cheap to make as it was all done in my place but mixing and mastering, so that kept costs down substantially at the same time the CD printing was covered in said preorder phase as well. I don't know how much its current profit is as I have stuff processed from a number of sources, from online sales to royalties, but it wouldn't keep me from living under the bridge for more than a few months, I'm sure. Haha!
Cats or dogs?
I love animals in general and have cats myself, but I don't see a species as superior, really - I tend to favour cats because of their unique personalities and the way they bond to us with all the nuances. As for dogs, I love their unfaltering loyalty, but I find they can be a bit too dependent, and considering how many times I need to be away from home, that would be needless emotional stress inflicted on the poor thing.